By BossesLittleBrat - United States - Jamestown
Today, my brat of a coworker tried to convince our boss that I should get paid half of what I'm making because I broke my right arm. I'm left handed, broke it on the job, and still doing a better job than her. She makes double what I do. FML
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By  Bobby319  |  24

Well at less he can't do that, and you should definitely talk to your boss about this co-worker

By  mariri9206  |  32

You should start looking for other jobs because you're obviously not respected there, especially if you're doing a better job than your coworker and she's earning more than you.

  PineapplePizza  |  15

It sounds like she can find a job with better pay if she looked. She's obviously not respected or taken seriously, and seems to be being bullied at work which makes for an unproductive environment. Best to get out before her work suffers, or politely discuss the situation with the boss and try to resolve it.

  J352SAURUS  |  30

Her username is "Boss' Little Brat", so perhaps the brat and the boss are in cahoots. Perhaps both of them don't like OP, and they constantly harass her with these aggressive comments.

I think it's very possible to assume OP isn't a valued or respected member of the team. It could be over something trivial like jealousy because OP is such a good worker, or OP could be difficult to work with. I highly doubt the latter though.

I know times are tough, but putting yourself last isn't going to end well for you. Being in a toxic environment is harmful. Money comes and money goes, but there's only one of you, and once you're broken it's not always easy to be fixed. I say OP should look into other places to work.