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  WaSiSimiLang  |  8

I see the word hot and on fire and I straight away thought of the super hot racy wild sweaty all night long sex sessions... Straight turn on. I think op's boyfriend would be stoked as he would think setting op's genitals on fire was a compliment. ON FIRE BABY! Woaahhhhh psssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh

By  NippsSlipps  |  10

Reminds me of a prank call a friend made. She said 'THERE'S A FIRE IN MY PUSSY!!! HELP!!!'

  l0v3p4in  |  7

"For someone who never drank whiskey, you should know . . ."

Yes. OP should have read the label tattooed on her boyfriend's forehead, 'WARNING: Do not receive oral sex from anyone who retains whiskey in the mouth.'

  calvincole  |  3

Who knows maybe you haven't gotten any either and don't say stuff about people's pics and stuff besides you probably said that because your trying to hide your inner and outer ugliness so have fun in hell


yeah...I'm a virgin, so ain't the only thing nor the most important thing in life.

And yeah, considering I've never licked genitals or been drunk, I had no idea it would burn being on the flesh down there in itself....I more saw it almost like it is when you have a small cut and don't know until you use soap in the bathtub