By Anonymous / Thursday 1 March 2012 05:35 / United States
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  JurassicHole  |  5

I agree with 53, changing your number can be a real hassle and you generally only do it if there's a good reason. I'm getting the impression OP is one of those "carve significant others name in leg" and sits in her car in front of his house late at night till someone comes outside, where she just drives off.

"Today, My insane ex-gf, whom I broke up with a week ago, has been constantly calling me so much I had to change my phone number. I'm scared for my personal safety now. FML"


Go to his house and tell him his tiny penis is not even skimming the surface of pleasure for you because of the simple fact that's its just ridiculously small. Say this loud and infront of his parents.

  lizard399  |  0

"You whore! You tiny penis whore!"
And then smash all of this action figures "Screw you, tiny penis! You don't even have a name anymore, the only thing your penis can over shadow is you!"


I understand you may be joking, but if somebody breaks up with you and you have to insult them instead of being the bigger person, it looks childish and immature on your part. It also shows you need them. Worse, if the best insult you can come up with is that they have a small penis (or tits, etc.), that's pretty pathetic and desperate in my opinion.

  lizard399  |  0

Maybe the problem isn't clear communication, just saying. If you set women up to deal with their personal closure then maybe they won't bug you. And guys are crazier then women. Listen to yourself, you dudes complain over something you can prevent.

By  Scrts  |  3

When I've broken up with my GF of 4 years I had to change my phone number because of >50 calls a day or night... Maybe he is smarter, did that before :)

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