By jemma - 04/08/2009 11:27 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend was reading me a love poem he wrote for me. It was beautiful, and going really well until he read the last line, which had a girl's name in it. It wasn't my name. My boyfriend said "shit, wrong girl", and dug through his bag for a different poem. FML
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Why the hell would you even try to give a girl a second poem afte you already messed up like that? FAIL on his part, FYL.

So start to blow him, then stop midway saying, "Shit--wrong dick".


That's an artists lifestyle. sucks for you.

Mabye he meant the life of a pick-up artist

Could HAVE could HAVE sworn Seriouslyyyy can't you see "could of sworn" doesn't even make sense kjsklfjk I know, dicky grammar nazi but aaaghhhh. @OP: I'm personally surprised he wasn't expecting getting smashed in the fun bag after saying that, and WAS expecting you to appreciate your poem. Some poets can be real douches. (Note: I said some... really, it's like writers have some permanent pretentiousness about them [coughcough] lol)

I think they meant "good artists".

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Anyone else notice, in the submit your fml it says they try to get fresh stories, with tons of topics, but all the fmls posted these days are: Today, my boyfriend, or Today, my girlfriend, or today, I was having sex with...? Something along those lines.

Yeah, good point there actually. I saw some FML about some dude/chick whose parents called them fucked up because they drew a disturbing picture or something. I thought that was an interesting change of pace, but I guess nobody else did.

what a bitch. dump his ass

poetry fail.

super ultra poetry fail

fail indeed. that poem should be posted on the scorned love blog: that'll teach him.

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Fail! Man that dudes a douche!

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OP's boyfriend got a visit from the fail snail.

more like a bf fail than a poetry fail P: js

YDI for liking poetry.

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@3 god do you go on every single FML and comment it saying YDI for the most incredibly inane reasons in the world. YDI for liking poetry, YDI for being a women... etc. wow i wouldnt be surprised if you were a 45 year old bald fatass living in his parents basement living of unemployment and trying to nurse your dreams of becoming a ROCKSTARRR with your garage band from high school, which fell through because you sucked.

No 33. I don't. Do you read the comment sections just to over-react and stumble through some redundant and cliche call about what you're going to assume my real life is like based on absolutely nothing except the fact I don't agree with you? I'm a 22 year old panoramic photographer and designer, and probably make more in a day than you make in a fortnight, and live on the other side of the world from my parents if you're so interested. I'm not going to pretend to have any interest in whatever lame crap you do with your life when not posting inane replies here, so don't feel the need to respond.

I think his comments are funny. I think he is going for irony here, or maybe sarcasm. If you're too inane to understand that it's either of the two, then I am surprised you understand anything written on this site at all.

#35 and #38 both used "inane". perhaps they are the same person, or psychically connected. >.< (yes that is sarcasm, people) op: that sux. fyl.

Deserve it for liking poetry? Hmm... I guess people nowadays deserve things because they have an opinion (on art and entertainment)

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This is great. xD

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Why the hell would you even try to give a girl a second poem afte you already messed up like that? FAIL on his part, FYL.

No, maybe it sucks because he's a fucking cheater "artists lifestyle" bullshit T_T

he used the wrong name. Ok, so he used the poem before. What is the big deal? Somehow people toss poetry out there written by other people and still think its cute. It doesn't indicate that hes cheated, but that he once wrote a poem for another. Get over yourself

I think its more than "he used the poem before'. He had separate poems written for different women. Smooth if you can pull it off - and apparently he's as smooth as burlap.

Well I'd be pissed if my boyfriend did that ._. especially if its like a love poem and then hes like "OH SHIT WRONG GIRL"

you maybe he wasnt a cheater maybe it was for a ex or a girl he once loved a long time ago bc it sounds like he has a number of peoms in a bag

AssOf2009 0

That's incredibly naive.

gabirolon 1

I agree with assof2009, if u belive that ur prob the easiest person to cheat on...

lol wtf, he must have been joking...

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sounded like he deserves a slap in the face for that one.. dump the ass

OMG, what an asshole.