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Karma is sweet!

Gosh, why can't you just 'get over it' yourself? I hate people who say shit like that.


Karma is sweet!

I've had people say to get over depression. It's nice to know karma sometimes works. Seeing as you live in a place near scorpions, I would get some kind of repellent. YDI

Agreed. I wouldn't be surprised if he put it there =P

Yeah, agreed with #1. Although I don't truly believe in karma, it's nice to know when karma seems to come into play. God I would hate to have a girlfriend like you.

51 you make me lol.

Serves you fucking right.

"Karma is the concept of "action" or "deed" in Indian religions understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect (i.e., the cycle called saṃsāra) originating in ancient India and treated in Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist philosophies." Just thought everyone should get an idea of what the REAL idea of Karma is. Irony is not Karma.

You complain about people misusing the word "karma" then misuse the word "irony". Hypocrite. Coincidence and irony are completely seperate. As is sarcasm or anything else. Dying trying to become immortal would be ironic. Having no sympathy for a bite-sufferer and then getting bit yourself is coincidence. Is she had said "There's no scorpions around for miles!" or something similar THEN it would be ironic. Here its just a hilariously just coincidence.

I think this totally deserves to be called ironic. It would be a coincidence if the two people got stung by scorpions WITHOUT any cheeky words. But when the OP made her insensitive comment, she was saying "It's not that bad. I don't know why you're complaining. Just suck it up." Then she got stung, felt how bad it really was, and then complained even worse than her boyfriend. See the irony? And #76, I totally think this, based on your description of karma, could be karma. "Karma is the concept of "action" or "deed". The OP became seriously aware of her action of telling her boyfriend to "stop whining and get over it". I bet she totally analyzed her "action" right then and felt like an asshole.

I always viewed karma as a "what goes around comes around" type of thing. In which case, karma would be a bitch in this situation.

LMFAO! You make my life :P As soon as I read that jackass' comment I was like GOD! I hope someone stood up to him and pointed out that he's not such a smart fuck as he thinks he is. Like wth, he went around saying "you guys are so stupid, thats not karma, thats irony" like now who's the dumbass, dumbass. Thats not fucking irony. Next time I hope that guy thinks before he talks. Trying to be a smartass and he can't even do that right.

Weird how you call the commenter a jackass for trying to prove a point but ends up getting it wrong and then you reply back as an inconsiderated asshole who's just probably agreeing with everyone else.

LMFAO!!! :P First off, #95 I was simply trying to be informative. I'm glad that the illusion of 'me getting put in my place' floats your boat but please don't get all offended just because I was trying to teach people about a word since it is constantly misused. Why do you feel the need to suppress people who want to educate? Are you so ignorant as to think that being informed is 'uncool'. Grow the fuck up, please. So you say the situation wasn't ironic, #87? Well tell me then, when the OP told her boyfriend to 'stop whining' because of the pain and then cried herself because of the same pain, that was merely a coincidence? So far I haven't proved to be a hypocrite. Got anything else? If you're gonna be an asshole, you should know what you're talking about. And #90, you were being civil and thus must not be a 13 year old and I thank you for that. It could be construed as karma but in a very narrow sense. The idea of Karma goes much deeper than just one action directly affecting another, similar action.

Apparently snavula (#76) doesn't realize that karma has had a western definition adapted to it. And OP, you deserved that one you fucking bitch.

A western misunderstanding, yes. You can call it an adaptation. Its just another way of saying that people aren't responsible for their actions and that some 'supernatural' force will give them the justice they deserve. Tell me, do you believe Santa Clause, too?

I can agree with both sides here, although I believe that karma is just a matter of opinion. If you want to believe in karma, that's great...that's what happened in this FML then. But you cannot go around saying that something ironic didn't happen when it DID, because irony is inevitable. And i hate to be the person to post long, difficult to understand definitions on this STUPID site, but I feel it's necessary here. * Main Entry: iro·ny 1 : a pretense of ignorance and of willingness to learn from another assumed in order to make the other's false conceptions conspicuous by adroit questioning —called also Socratic irony 2 a : the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning b : a usually humorous or sardonic literary style or form characterized by irony c : an ironic expression or utterance 3 a (1) : incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result (2) : an event or result marked by such incongruity b : incongruity between a situation developed in a drama and the accompanying words or actions that is understood by the audience but not by the characters in the play —called also dramatic irony, tragic irony Irony is a REAL, proven fact. Can anyone prove karma exists? If you truly do believe in karma, then believe that's what happened in this FML. But what happened is also ironic. And while they aren't the same thing, it's not impossible for them to both be present in a situation, if that's what you want to believe.

Karma exists, it means "what goes around, comes around". That's the concept. What I see, is someone who delibrately made fun of another and got it right back at him. Coincidence is a bit too strong for this kind of situation. This was definitely instant karma.

I've lost my faith in humanity after the amount of sheer ignorance I've seen here as to what karma is.

Care to give us your definition, #117? I'm asking in an inviting manner, not trying to bait you like the younger crowd on this website, lol. Karma in the western sense is nothing more than wishful thinking. It doesn't exist because its illogical. It implies that the universe works in ways that assholes get what they deserve and good people get good things. It isn't known when and it isn't known how. Can't you just say that life is random and bad things happen to either good or bad people at random times? Same thing with good things happening? Let me simplify it: "Shit Happens" That's all there is to it. There is no supernatural force at work to ensure justice. It is a strong coincidence and that mixed with the ironic nature of the situation created an FML, which is evident because it got accepted on the site.

Your definition of karma is correct in the philosophical sense but this isn't this is The used of karma in this case simply mean "karma is a b*tch". There is no deeper meaning into it nor it is require so for the context of this website.

Op, kharma's a bitch, like you.

i was just thinking that XD

Too bad Karma actually determines the next lifeform you're born into, and isn't just a tool to punish shitty people.

True. If you died in the process of trying to become immortal, it would be ironic.

Karma is otherwise known as "what goes around comes around". I agree that this is, indeed, an act of karma. @OP, Karma is a bitch isn't it? This should teach you to not make fun of someone when (s)he is stung. or injured in any way.

HAHA I AGREE! And BTW I think that you boyfriend placed it there himself! LMAO

ur an idiot #76. i learned about karma this year. its the concept of what goes around comes around. and OP,hes ur boyfriend,you should at least like comfort him about it or something.

Really? Lol, show me a source for this then. I showed you what Wikipedia said it was and it wasn't that. You obviously didn't learn that in school. Who's an idiot? Probably the person who doesn't feel like spelling out 'you're'.

Karma is as real as the religion you follow. Either you do or do not have faith in it. As to the type of karma being used here, it is defined as "good things will happen to you if you do good things" and vice-versa. Remember there can be more than one definition to a word.

You cnt stop crying but u can write this FML while your arm is num and u r crying.

who the heck has scorpions in there bed

sweet sweet justice

Let's face it: you guys are all wrong on the Internet.

Well if your entire arm is numb (and therefore not hurting) why the hell can't you stop crying? You sound like a drama queen.

Karma doesn't forget

It is irony, that she would tell him to suck it up but then she gets stung and cries, karma is something that happens in your next life. And this isn't coincidence, it's funny how you will tell him he misused irony when you misused coincidence. When in fact he did not misuse irony.

I hate it when people argue the meaning of words when they don't actually know what they mean, I agree with you

Gosh, why can't you just 'get over it' yourself? I hate people who say shit like that.

Me too! I hate when people say that. She definitely deserved it. & I know a few people that live in Arizona. One of them has gotten stung so many times that he's pretty much immune to scorpions, and the other one said that there are a ton in his backyard and sometimes they get in his house, and his dog almost got stung. He hates them, lol.

I know, right? I can't believe 793 IDIOTS said her life was fucked. Its not fucked, she totally asked for it.

i would not live in that house with the scorpions coming in, i would just kill myself, lol

if your arm is numb then why does it hurt so much that you have to cry?

She lives in Arizona, I don't think sge has much option of not living in a house where scorpions get in. It's no different than spiders or cockroaches getting into people's houses in every other state. But I'd much rather deal with a cockroach here and there in Florida (it's not because my house is a mess, it's because I live in an apartment complex and they find ways to get from apartment to apartment) than I would deal with a Scorpion in Arizona. But the OP was a bitch to say that to her boyfriend.

Exactly! She fucking deserved it.

Sorry, but I'm agreeing with #1. x] Ah well, at least now you know to be sympathetic the next time someone gets stung by a scorpion. x]

now we know where he got his sting :)

Nice photo

Agreed with #1. You had that one coming.

Scorpion fueled by Karma: 1 Anonymous poster: 0

I hope he tells you to stop whining too.

yeah you totally deserved that hands down



PWNED, by Karma.

Serves you right!! Also agree with #1!

KARMA you DEFINITELY deserve it haha =P

"I have a somewhat paralyzing and potentially deadly ailment, so instead of going to the doctor, I'm going to post about how much of a twatknocker I am online!" Go to the ER, and then click "You deserve it", because, well, you do.

Going to the hospital for every scorpion sting (especially in the desert areas) is like going to the hospital for a bee sting, even if you don't have an allergy.

Not all scorpions are deadly. For the OP and her BF to be so calm about it (albeit visibly in a lot of pain), I'd bet the ones where they live are the non-deadly variety...

Yes, but the most common scorpion in Arizona is the most poisonous in north america, so yes, you do need to go to the ER when you get stung