By mightaswellbecomeanun / Tuesday 12 March 2019 10:00 / United States - Chattanooga
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By  RichardPencil  |  27

You need to get a new boyfriend!

Long periods of celibacy should be reserved only for married couples!

The amount of sex you get during marriage is directly proportional to the amount of premarital sex you have. To find out how much sex you’re going to have while married, take the number of times you’re having sex in a month, multiply that number by zero, and that’s what you can expect during marriage.

By  wrenthecat  |  13

so either he's not into you or he's got someone on the side. or he's gay. what I dont understand is why you don't discuss it with him so you can figure it out.

By  TergesteCity  |  11

OP don't listen to those telling you to leave him right away. I get that you need intimacy from him, and your desires are understandable.
But i would first advise to talk to him about your frustration, and to trying to understand why he is lacking sex drive (since i can immagine he wasn't always like this).
Sex drive is a far more delicate thing that people think, and could be inficiated by stress, work or personal problems.
Try to make him understand why you need intimacy, while showing that you are willing to find a middle ground with him: if he is often tired, you could dedicated a specific time in the week for you two where intimacy can happen, or if it is stress related find something to do together to unload the stress and that will eventually improve his sex drive also.
Tl, dr, talk to him.
If in the end he is unwilling to understand you, to search for a compromise, or if the problem is something that cannot be fixed (like if he say he doesn't desire you anymore) then by all means, leave.

By  Chazzster  |  20

OP, either “boyfriend” has a problem or you may be his “straight disguise” if this is how it’s always been. You need to have an honest heart to heart talk about what is going on.

By  LolCandy  |  27

He probably prefers porn over real people and thinks you have sex more often than you do. Definitely something to have a conversation or two about, and maybe you each will be happier with someone else.

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