By beardedlady - 02/07/2011 06:44 - United States

Today, my boyfriend tried to make me wear a fake mustache during sex. He said "It turns him on." FML
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Did I just get an erection?

He enjoys the feeling of that peach fuzz caressing his epidermis.


to each his own...

that's really disgusting and disturbing I think you should get a new boyfriend..

I think it's quite kinky. maybe he will ask you to wear a strap on next time? or tell him that him wearing a freddy mask turns you on to make things interesting. oh and by the way, some people eat food peices left over in their moustache, after sex i would recommend trying

#10 - who the fuck?

lol, someone's trying to tarnish your rep, gayboii!

here we go with gayboii again. -_-

This would be a good time when you get his parents to give him 'it's okay to be homosexual' talk.

I feel bad for him. it could be a bizarre fetish, but judging by the fact that this FML is from Arkansas, I'm going to guess he's buried extremely deep in the closet...

I personally think he's kidding to make her look ridiculous or to share with the boys he got her to wear a fake mustache during sex xD.

Or it just turns him on ;)

It's me...Mario!!!

@44 That's probably true haha :p

Sounds like a HAIRY situation! ;)

136 isn't talking about the mustache

hahahaha!!! this is soo funny!!! tell him it turns you on when he puts his hair in pigtails

"buried extremely deep in the closet". Sounds like a good place for him. ; )

are you the same girl with the boyfriend that wants you to have a penis

why was my comment thumbed down? it's true.

next time ask him if u could braid his pubic hair cuz it turns u on ;) haha

I mustache you a question, but I'll just shave it for later.

Haha. He's like a pedophile for pedophiles.

I don't think you understand what a pedophile is.

No. He's a pedophilephile.

Are you stupid... this doesn't even make sense. He's attracted to children who are also adults who are also sexually attracted to children?

we live in a strange world 64....

At least he didn't say he's a necrophiliac for pedophiles.

A pedophile within a pedophile, pedophilia.

I think #2 meant that all pedophiles have mustaches. Even though that still doesn't make the comment make much sense.

Yo dawg, we heard you like paedophiles, so we put a paedophile in your paedophile...

He enjoys the feeling of that peach fuzz caressing his epidermis.

Dude you just blew my brain.

that turns me on lol jk

This guy is the best commenter on the site...

You always have the funniest comments.

Did I just get an erection?

Nothing wrong with being the catcher for a change

I mustache you a question about that.

hahahahaha ^ that made my day. hahahahaha

I'll shave you the answer for later

Yes.... Yes you did....

I do believe he should be dating a hermaphrodite...

it's his own little way of coming out.... fyl

I think OP might just be his beard...

did he hit it from the back? if so I believe he's a fudge packer just Sayin

that's a little messed up.

not a little, completely.. :P

not gonna lie, that's kinda funny, but it pretty much sucks for OP, not all girls are cool with wearing mustaches ahaha

Can't blame can ya?

now it's ur turn to be weird on him..