By IGOTIT - United States - Fountain Valley
Today, my boyfriend took me to a very elegant and expensive restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. When it came to the check, I volunteered to pitch in half, which he rejected by saying "I got it". Little did I know was that "I got it" was short for "I got your credit card". FML
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  JennaNGood  |  21

Of course men aren't required to pay, but as he was taking her out for their anniversary, clearly it's his gift to the both of them, therefore he should be the one paying. OP was being generous offering to pay for half, and then got ripped off by her asshat of a boyfriend. He sounds like a complete douche.

  thrAsHeRr9081  |  16

52 - If I take my husband out to eat or for drinks, I pay. If he takes me out, he pays. It's just the way it should work. Sometimes we split the bill, which is fine too!

  AngelSpit  |  18

52 she didn't expect him to pay that's kind of why it was a dick move on his part he shouldn't act like such a twat waffle. on the other hand he may have trying to make her feel special and may end up paying the credit card dues but without an update the world may never know

  JennaNGood  |  21

You only took one sentence of mine to make your point. I went on to point out that if he is the one paying for the dinner as a gift, then he should be the one to pay it, not OP. forgive me if I'm wrong, but it customary for both partners to get one another a gift is it not? How do you know OP didn't already get her partner a gift? Idiot.

By  SecsNoises  |  6

It was nice of you to offer, but wow, that's just taking the piss. If it was his idea to go to an expensive restaurant, then he should be obligated to contribute, if not pay all.

Even if he didn't want to pay, it was a sleazeball move to use your credit card without permission. I believe that's technically fraud.

By  SS99_fml  |  20

Go on a hugeeeee shopping spree (I'm talkin necklaces, dresses, earrings) and come back making sure your boyfriend sees you and when he asks how you paid, say "I got it." He'll know what it means :)

  cocainewhore  |  30

#78 my fiancé and I always split the bill on expensive dates, unless one of us is out of money. Dates are supposed to be nice for both people, so there is no reason why the guy should have to pay.