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  White667  |  0

The first time with a new partner usually isn't too great, the first time at all usually sucks completely.
You're not used to each others bodies yet, dunno what each person likes and dislikes, so forth.

Also, chicken >IS< good.

By  kravitzz1990  |  0

ur first wont be good, but it does get better once u both get experience and fin out what eachother like.. dont be discouraged, n dont make ur firsy time ruin the next time jus put it behind you!! :D

By  wrigglezeus  |  0

that's a little harsh to bitch about your first time on here. how do you know what good is without experience. there is talking about it and actually experiencing it. your first time is going to be harsh. no need to be a bitch about it after someone actually tool the time for you.

  Zakkie_1987  |  2

you talk big, but like most of the butt ugly disgraceful pathetic attempts of men on here, you would be lucky to have ANYONE who actually saved themselves for you, or who actually wanted to be around an arsehole like you even if it's only for the 35 seconds before you prematurely ejaculate.

Also, the dollar menu? Obviously because you are so broke and social services refuse to pay your drug fucked pitiful existence any longer. Perhaps beg for a job while your there, I mean why not, you'll be begging her to come back the second she finds someone decent.

  meso222  |  8

First of all yes she probably shouldve been more gratefull for the dinner, but to talk to or about a woman like that is disgusting. Might just be that i would have gotten the belt from my grandfather for sayin something like that but in any case... Man badge revoked, grow up and apply again at a later date. And i just want to point out to everyone, not all white guys talk like that.