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Today, my boyfriend told my hamster he loved her. Repeatedly. In 'cute' baby voices. He has yet to tell me. FML
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come on, give him a break. It's kinda different when it's a freaking hamster.

he knows the hamster won't make a big deal out of it.


saucey12 1

Be careful, when you are not around, he gets the cardboard from the paper towel roll, puts that on top of his asshole and then drops the hamster. maybe that's why he loves her so much

He's probs just nervous & its way easier telling a pet you love them lol

Lethario14 0

lolz mabey?

what the heck is wrong with you #1? lol..

I say the same to my puppy. Doesn't mean anything. How's this an FML?

AntiChrist7 0

South Park rules!

JustStopSucking 0

Richard Gere, a cautionary tale.

marine10_fml 0

it's a hamster! dramatic.

lmaooo tht happens to b quite disturben

caticaticati 3


purplemnm 9

bestiality makes me throw up, now I have to buy a new lunch.

yea. get hell over it

Whatever. bs. You got that from the movie Made of Honor. fail.

Reyo 2

You're jealous of a hamster? Seriously?

*Ironic music plays* well thats not awkward at all!

I agree. people communicate through pets like that all the time.

wow_its_me_ 0

i agree. (Y). =P.

how about I come over there and beat your ass?

come on, give him a break. It's kinda different when it's a freaking hamster.

Ask him which one he loves more! He'll be on the spot,and hopefully he'll say "you baby" ......hopefully!

I dunno...that hamster is guarenteed to stick around for 2-3 years... The OP...probably not =P

shoguu 0

because putting someone on the spot is never ever a bad thing and couldn't possibly make him freak out and leave the OP...

buts it's her hamster not his

froggi_fml 0

well that's.... cute. 

shes just awsomer than the hamster but the guy is shy! yeah, thats is..

he knows the hamster won't make a big deal out of it.

what the hell is u talking about?

#6 i agree haha

YunqFlyMa21o 0

na uhh! r u serious shxt i woulda been like oh so it dont take you lonq to love an animal but you qot me on holdd? lmao woww.

This is why people hate blacks.

FatMooseEars 0

lmao wow at how you talk, spell right bitch

maybe you should go to class instead of ditching to rob people

JessiKitty_lol 7

Learn how to spell! A 'Q' is different than a 'G!' Damn, did you flunk out of first grade or something?

Can anyone actually read that?

v1kt4r 13

you mean different from not than

nd #25 it does say g but d bottom jst got cut out

its not hard to understand, the q are cut g's i think

i want to throw a dictionary at your face.

Translation: Nu-uh! Are you Serious? Shit, I would have been like, "Oh, so it doesn't take long for you to love an animal, but you're keeping me on hold? Oh, wow."

Man my IQ dropped from reading this shit and looking at your profile

It would have been worse if he had said it in a serious voice with all tears in his eyes. THAT would be a problem.

hamsters>girls YDI

wut? troll my ass, you know it's true.

troll Jude. troll

Ajjas013 6

More like troll fail.

Veritas143 0

I dunno..i'm gonna have to agree with Jude..they only need food and shelter to keep them happy..and they dont freak out if you say you love various other pets..

Ajjas013 6

What the hell? That's not even close to what Jude said...

it's close enough

transcedental 18

you are fun :) (fucking 108th!) 8)

kirakira333 0

hamsters /are/ better than girls. and i am a girl. lol :) by the way, i know this is random but is your penname "judetheobvious" supposed to related to the book /Jude the Obscure/?

if hamster>girls is wrong then I don't wanna be right

kirakira333 0

thought so. lol :) everyone loves a deranged child who kills his siblings and commits suicide in order to alleviate his incestous parent's marital strains.