By Anonymous - / Tuesday 9 February 2010 06:12 / United States
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By  saucey12  |  0

Be careful, when you are not around, he gets the cardboard from the paper towel roll, puts that on top of his asshole and then drops the hamster. maybe that's why he loves her so much

  Veritas143  |  0

I dunno..i'm gonna have to agree with Jude..they only need food and shelter to keep them happy..and they dont freak out if you say you love various other pets..

  kirakira333  |  0

hamsters /are/ better than girls. and i am a girl. lol :)

by the way, i know this is random but is your penname "judetheobvious" supposed to related to the book /Jude the Obscure/?

  kirakira333  |  0

thought so. lol :) everyone loves a deranged child who kills his siblings and commits suicide in order to alleviate his incestous parent's marital strains.

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