By lazy pregnant girl - 05/07/2012 19:34 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me that because he works fifty hours a week, I should be meeting an arbitrary quota of fifty hours of housework, and if I don't, I'm insensitive and ungrateful. FML
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I wouldn't normally bash OP's significant other, but considering your name, I'd say he's either pulling your leg, or he's kind of a dick.

I would be happy with a girlfriend who did 5 hours of house work..


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Set the guy straight, or she could show him what a truly lazy pregnant girlfriend was. Let the house get all nasty blah blah blah. That's what I would have done.

JustDerpin 11

instead of doing all that work, OP should satisfy him another way... (;

whatsup215 0

Hmmm if you're pregnant which it seems like you are according to your name let's do some math here : OPs bf works 50 hours x 4 weeks = 200 x 9 months is 1,800 hours ... OPs pregnancy ... Remember unpaid ... 24 hours a day for 7 days = 168 hours a week x 4 weeks = 672 x 9 months = 6,048 Of pain he will never understand ...

I think the if one partner works and the other doesn't, the one who isn't working should be doing more housework. But if you're pregnant it's unfair for him to expect as much as he can do.

I don't know it could have been all the 50's in that FML or it could have been my best mate rambling in about 50 shades of grey. But this FML reminded me of that book. Thanks.

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Well 50 seems excessive, unless you own 2 mansions with vast gardens and acres of PGA regulation grass. I'm sure a sandwich and a quickie when he gets from work would get him off your back :)

tjv3 10

Ok I don't think he is being fair but also if you do not have a job then I think you should be doing some house work.

I think it depends how far along OP is in her pregnancy. The doctor may have put her on bed rest. Also cleaning with certain chemicals may be harmful, and it has to be hard to bend over and clean the tub when pregnant.OP's boyfriend is not thinking clearly.

You also don't have keep track of how many hours of work you do so you can just SAY you did 50 hours of work.

You also don't have keep track of how many hours of work you do so you can just SAY you did 50 hours of work.

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They're not in pain the whole time...

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Jessj958 19

No doubt that she should have to help out around the house but it seems to me that he has some unrealistic expectations. No it will not be hard to keep the house clean but clocking in at 50 hrs is a bit much. Every pregnancy is different so the pain could very well start at the beginning. My 2 were completely difference but I was fortunate enough to have a bf who completely understood if my housework wasn't done on time. He encouraged me to do it at my own pace. That worked the best for Us!

I sense exaggeration on the part of OP's boyfriend. |the kid|

You are an insensitive jerk! How do you know whether pregnancy is painful or not. You get pregnant and carry a baby 24/7 for 9 months then tell us what it's like. Labor alone feels like more than 18 bones getting broken at one time.

wow i meant near the end as in you don't feel neck-breaking, bone-cringing, stomach-crushing, butt-aching, heart-bursting, etc. pain the whole time during pregnancy, so if it's only the first few months, she should be able to do some housework. 50 hours is too much but she i don't think this was fml worthy.

Anyone thinking maybe he was saying this because she does nothing around the house at all? If the house really is left a total mess and he comes home from working long hours to have to help clean up as well, then I can understand the frustration.

@119 In the wise words of Rachel Green, no uterus, no opinion

Then I wonder what he is.. Tell him about how the world can be unfair, and that it's not the same at all. Give him a piece of your mind if it bothers you, in worst case, that can tear up your relationship is things like that will happen on a daily basis, he's your boyfriend after all

Orrrrrr she could show him that a few good sandwiches and a good supply of bj's beats 50 hours of housework any day

skullofdarkness 18

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OP is obviously a bourgeois snob sitting there and getting fat off of the sweat blood and tears of her proletarian boyfriend!

xStaciexLynnx 15

76- You just learned those words in school and wanted to sound smart by using them, right? I'm sorry to tell you, you used them wrong.

Fifty hours would be her renovating the house. A clean house and perhaps a nice dinner should suffice. It should be a courtesy if he's working and she's not. But fifty hours is too much.

22cute 17

OP is pregnant, folks. Sure she should do a bit around the house but she's going to be exhausted most of the time. Her body is working 24/7 building a baby.

TheVelocirabbit 10

"By Lazy Pregnant Girl". You do the math.

I will go a step farther and say relationships should be 100% 100%! (: Bringing your all and having your partner do the same. I doubt the OP's boyfriend would be asking for this insane amount of housework hours if he felt she was holding up her end of the deal. It's obviously an /over exaggerated/ number. He just wants things tidy when he gets home-- whether it takes the OP an hour or 50 to do. No one wants to feel unappreciated, especially if he's working those long hours. I understand pregnancy can do a toll on the body but since the OP called herself lazy, it's that and not because she's incapable of doing it.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Well, OP might have said 'lazy' as a joke because the boyfriend was basically calling her lazy. We don't have the details, though, like if she is doing a little work but her body starts hurting too much, or if she is really that lazy. Things like that.

What I don't get is why she'd say it was "arbitrary". I know its a strange thing to dwell on in this FML post, but it struck me as odd.

Uhhh... because it IS arbitrary, maybe? He's saying she should do 50 hours of housework even though she could probably do all the housework that needed doing in a lot less time than that. So it's a pretty arbitrary quota like OP says.

olpally 32

I thumbed you up 153- we are birthday buddies :D

177, if you meant me, I'm far from perfect when it comes to writing skills. No biggie. I have pet peeves too.(:

#153, most people do that to emphasise a word when the forum/site they are typing on has no italics function. Get over it.

99-I didn't learn it in school. I learned them from the Communist Manifesto, and if you really want to say Marx used the words wrong go ahead

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Well. . . I would say that for the 9 months the gal is pregnant, and even the first two to three years, I'd draw vast exception. Pregnancy, I think, is way overblown, but . . . whatever. Give em the glory. Some women have a really hard time with pregnancy, and complications. Other women, (most women) don't. Morning sickness usually only happens for MOST women, in the first few weeks. The back-pain and other issues, in the last 6 weeks. I think a lot of women like to just take advantage, and make it a big 9-month vacation. But taking care of infants and toddlers, is a huge pain. The mother-to-be is in for a huge world of hurt for the next couple of years. However, I would expect at least a LITTLE visible effort, while I'm busting my *ss. Because a full-time job, and having the wife and future of the family RELY on you, is also, very very hard. I'm not even talking about 50 hours a week. I'm talking about 15 lousy minutes a day to put the dishes in the dishwasher before I get home from work. I'm also talking about; for the rare weeks that I have to work 60, 70, 80 hours, don't give me crap. It's not like this is a choice. It's not my hobby. I wouldn't give you crap if you spent 80 hours cleaning. In most cases, the consequences of screwing up while you're taking care of the house, or the kid, is negligible. You screw up dinner, you order a pizza. You screw up potty-training, you clean up some poop. But even a minor screw up at work (or often - nothing to do with your own performance) can cost you a job, and these days, that could put you on long-term unemployment, and a social-mobility downtrend. Not just for you, but for those who rely on your income. This is a huge burden. It sucks. The stay-at-home-moms DO NOT APPRECIATE IT. And there are some dads who don't get involved, don't help at all, don't do anything with their kids. I'm not talking about those. I'm talking about the regular good dads who bust their kiesters working, AND being family-men. They deserve better. So at least a LITTLE visible effort. It's nice not to have 5 days worth of dirty dishes rotting in the sink, when you come home after a 50 hour work-week. (and I'm not exaggerating - and I'm not the only guy who complains about this. I keep my mouth shut, and I hear everyone else complain. I don't know what these stay at home moms are thinking). You know which guys I hear DO NOT COMPLAIN? The guys who married career-women. It's not a matter of the house having to ALWAYS be clean. It's a matter of - eventually - the house is NEVER clean. The kids get past that toddler stage, and they're capable of helping out, and they don't. Mom doesn't ask them to. Dad's working full time, and cleaning the house, and everyone's sitting back and enjoying themselves. And if Dad says one word - she divorces him, sits back, and lives off the child support. (this is for the dads who ARE working hard, and trying to do the right thing - we get screwed over. The ones who DON'T work are the deadbeats, who you divorce, and you can't squeeze a penny out of them).

^ What the **** are you rambling about?

#223. What bug got up your ass? You seem like some guy who went through some shit, and passive aggressively rants on the internet. Sox whatever happened, I'm sorry. However. You have ZERO idea what it takes to be a mother. It's not a burden. It's the fact that you created a living soul, and are showing that child to know and grow in the world the way you always wanted it to be. To be a mother isn't a job, and it doesn't pay the bills. But I will bet you that it's more work than you will experience. Yes, moms sometimes get cranky, but shit, we're taking care of two people, and ungrateful boyfriends/husbands/anyone else just bring the icing on the cake, so **** you sir. You're just the type of boy a mother needs.

Do you work? If so then that's a stupid claim, it's like having two jobs

If not its a stupid claim. 10 hours a week or less keeps my house totally spotless. If I had to try and clean 50 hours a week I would be damaging property by stripping floors and counters of enamel and scrubbing paint off the walls.

Also she is pregnant, if you read her name. Makes mobility harder and if she is at home enough for that request, she is probably ready to pop and is on mat leave.

I wouldn't normally bash OP's significant other, but considering your name, I'd say he's either pulling your leg, or he's kind of a dick.

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48, it's hardly that simple. We don't know how far along OP is. yeah she could be two months along with no bump whatsoever yet, or she could be 6 months along with a large bump. Bending over to clean or to pick something up that you dropped can be difficult, exposure to certain chemicals can harm the baby, she may still be suffering from morning sickness and be throwing up all the time. Yes, she should clean but it should be up to her to figure out how much she is capable of doing.

TheDrifter 23

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For all we know, the house could be clean. Even if it wasn't, this is hardly the point. Point is, the boyfriend is asking for an unreasonable 50hours worth of cleaning, regardless of the cleanliness level of the house.

I would be happy with a girlfriend who did 5 hours of house work..

I'd be happy with a girlfriend who provided 20 daily minutes of extreme sexuality...

You'd be happy with a girlfriend ;D BAM

No, I wasn't happy with my girlfriend and that's why I no longer have one... My previous comment was just a little dirty humor that a lot of people apparently don't appreciate.. Oh well haha atleast I tried!

whatsup215 0

31: Try harder next time ...

Maybe If he tried harder, he could have lasted 20 minutes.

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Since she's pregnant and all, that'd be a really smart move. Are all your decisions this insightful I wonder?

JustDerpin 11

the solution is not always to dump him.. especially since she's pregnant.

TheDrifter 23

Dump him and collect child support seems to be a lot of young fmler's default stance on raising children.

Yeah from my experience as a child who was caught in that stuff.. CSS is the worst possible option. If you would really love the baby then have the patience to wait untill the child can handle it.

Oh chill out already - I said dump his ass because even if she is pregnant she doesnt deserve to be treated like this by someone who's obviously a sexist pig . Maybe I'm old fashioned but I still believe in pampering my girlfriend and even if I worked 80 hours a week I wouldn't demand her to do that much housework .

If your pregnant you shouldn't be doing too much and resting. Well depending how far along you are. Also your boyfriend sounds a bit sexist.

I knew someone who was pregnant and still carried on her household duties. She had a miscarriage every time until her husband finally convinced her to just stay in bed and stop straining herself. She had a particularly weak womb, but still, your boyfriend should be cutting you some slack. I hope you have a successful pregnancy!

50 hours a week is a sucky amount of work so I can understand why he'd be like that but still..

wubbazugg 5

50 isn't shit. Try working over 100.

Over 100? Lol -.- what field of work requires over 100 hours a week?

thatKidzmOm 10

Any job in the oil field can require that.....easily!

During my surgical training, I would sometimes work 120 hours a week. Yes, it's possible.

Bering Sea fisherman do 20 hours a day 7 days a week for 4-7 months a year. It can happen. And I'm not just sayin that from watching deadliest catch either... I live in that area.

KiddNYC1O 20

In #10's defense, I work at a major airport and hours rack up like crazy. With all the flexibility and what not. You're also able to pick up, trade/swap or give your hours. 100 hours is definitely plausible. Some of my co workers do 80 hours or more week after week.

Im at about 70 hours a week and anything over 40 is OT. Pays the house and bills and no I don't make my wife log in 70 hrs of house chores. (lol not even sure there is enough work for that). My wife is FT student and I take pride in the fact that I support her. She gets lots of time to enjoy herself and guess what I don't mind. It's all fair because for the first 3 years we knew each other she supported my out of college jobless ass.

Well too bad 10 i already thumbed u down thinking you were over egsaturating (thts definitely not how to spell that word but i dont want to go bak and search it up on since im on my iPod) but u should have had a little empathy.

wubbazugg 5

If you're prego, there's plenty you can do to keep the house in order, especially of its only you two. Fifty hours a week isn't shit, he should be glad it isn't 90-100. THAT can be hell.

FMLshark 12

Just because 90 - 100 hours is hell, doesn't make 50 hours any better. 50 hours is a lot of work alone, but while you're pregnant, it probably feels like a good 100 hours.

flutter4 7

Yes because when you are pregnant you are so tired all the time and with the big belly in the way it's hard to bend and stuff. So 50 hours does seem like 100 hours.

wubbazugg 5

I didn't say she should stick to the 50 idea, but that there's always something that can be done, baby belly or not. And the 90-100 was directed at him, not her.

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Was that an attempt at using a catch phrase? 'cause it sucked. If not, that just doesn't make any sense.

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