By tattooed - 30/11/2010 15:50 - Ireland

Today, my boyfriend told me one of the main reasons he started dating me was because I have the same name as his ex, whose name he has tattooed on his back. FML
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its a good reason

dougierocks 13

and also conveniently solves the "calling you by the wrong name" problem..


its a good reason

Indeed, two birds with one stone. Love i guess, and a tattoo no longer gone to waste

Flammin8 0

I really wanna hear what the other reasons are lol

rallets 22

dude, sweet.

Marvin_Android 0

Sounds dreadful. Permanently staining one's skin with something temporary? Your species stretches the limits of stupidity. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

skyttlz 32

I agree with the depressed robot. I'll never get a tatoo. That's what sharpies are for! And besides, wouldn't you get bored of a tatoo after about a month?

RedPillSucks 31

Marvin's back!!!! I got so tired of listening to Eeore. Marvin, talk to me about life.

36 you would never what happens if you have I love black guys right next to your vagina and you end up going out with a white guy that hates black ppl

ThoraxeTheImpale_fml 0

if you get a tattoo with a name, it should be your childs name, because atleast your child can't breakup/divorce you. yes. my mom tattoos my name on her arm.

Marvin!!! Where have ya been? How's life treating ya!? 64- I had to read your post 4 times to figure out what the hell u were saying. I'm sure if "i love black guys" was tattooed on her vag she wouldnt date some racist fuck who had a problem with it.

Marvin_Android 0

Redpill, I'd rather not. It's too miserable. Effin, it's treating me horribly. Hence why I am always so depressed. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

hmm, thats depressing.

MetroidSlayer01 8

lmao I love FML only because of the fun people who comment on it :)

well its pretty much reasonable for me. taking off tattoos hurts more than havin em=/, at least he told you lol

Definitely time to dump him! If he's that obsessed with his ex he clearly isn't too into you

No where in the FML does it say he was ever obsessed with his ex. Maybe he and his ex thought they were gonna get married and had each other's names tattooed, but something went wrong and they broke up. He didn't want to have to get the tattoo removed and imagine how weird it would be to have a boyfriend with someone else's name tattooed on him... Its kind of weird knowing that he originally got it for someone else, but better the same name that you have than some other person's name...

Also, keep in mind that it isn't unusual to tattoo the name of your partner/a symbol that represents your love/the date of your marriage... and that it also isn't unusual that people split up. And there you stand, with a name/heart/date on your body of something you sincerely wants to forget. It is always such a smart idea to tattoo things like that, but that's just my opinion.

UhhOhCece126 0

I agree with 37. people get their partners names tattooed all the time. it's not a bad thing at all. At least he's dating a girl with the same name. And the fml never mentioned that he was obsessed either. So there's really nothing wrong with it.

what's wrong with it is that he ONLY started dating her because of her name. not her personality, charm, wit, or inner beauty. her name.

BadasS14 0

fuck long ass comments

Sheesh, pen, TL;DR. I think he was saying that he wants his ass fucked, and inviting us to comment on it at the same time.

dougierocks 13

and also conveniently solves the "calling you by the wrong name" problem..

Lordlucian 0

^^Win :]

iivann 0

smart boyfriend!! lol

well its pretty much reasonable for me. taking off tattoos hurts more than havin em=/, at least he told you lol

the reason why he "STARTED" dating you... and did you ask him the reason to why he's still dating you? his answer might be to your liking maybe?? about the tattoo... make him get another bigger one wif the name again this time for you :3 n a giant cross over the other one o.o let your jealousy go wild :3

Yeah, I was with you until you started talking about the new tattoo. I really think the parts after that are pretty dumb.

If he's dumb enough to get a tattoo of a girlfriend's name on his body, he is probably dumb enough to be convinced to have it removed and replaced with "your name" on another location.

^ This, please. You know you could, OP.

That sounds reasonable to me. And now you don't have to regret that tattoo!

just keep having girlfriends with the same name!

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How convenient.