By datingmrpicky - 22/08/2011 03:44 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me he wouldn't have sex with me because yesterday I ate a sandwich in his bed and got crumbs in it. FML
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Don't eat stuff in other peoples beds then.

He could just wipe them off?


Next time don't eat in bed. Or atleast eat over a plate u pig

He could just wipe them off?

That's what she said last night...turns out it smudges.

He was to in shock over the crumby situation.

My origina-dar just went haywire

Make him a sandwich?

wow.. you made a sammich, not for him?

That's a piss poor excuse to deny sex. He's either getting it somewhere else or he's batting for the other team.

22 that's a horrible fail

That's a dumb excuse, there must be another reason oO

Whoa this is major... First what kind of sandwich... Pb&j won't cost you this but pastrami on rye with a little Dijon and a pickle on the side... Oh fuck no! And you didn't make him one too? You're lucky he didn't remove you off Facebook. Second the bed He sleeps there he doesn't want to roll around in the perfect sandwich of which you didn't make him one that is literally rubbing salt pepper rye and Dijon on the wound.

You two have separate beds? And secondly, don't eat in bed, you don't want the soft tickle of roach legs scurrying across your body looking for food to be your new alarm clock in the morning...

She was most likely as his house, the reason for two seperate beds.

There is nothing that I hate more than crumbs in my bed! Why were you eating in his bed, it's called a table!

she said she ate the sandwich in the bed, she never said that's where the crumbs fell. maybe she meant in her bag and Rhys the reason he doesn't want sex?

Or let her sweaty ass pick them up after some hardcore good 'hole'some fun.

I'm guessing he's upset because you didn't make him one. I sure as hell would!

119 i love how your pic usually goes perfect with what you say XD

Easily could have ripped off all the sheets, shook em out or put new ones on. Then jumped in the shower and bust a spread eagle on the non crumby bed.

Crumbs cause ants and roaches to invade the room. That shit is serious. He probably got bit on his lower parts...

Ha ha I bet if you shared with him you two could have had all the sex you want.

Haha oh my!! Do it on the couch then ;)

You should dump him, and if he asks why, say, "I'm not into anal." Seriously, sheets can be washed.

next time eat the sandwich in bed completely naked, he shouldn't mind then :)

I HATE crumbs in my bed as well. it becomes very irritating to sleep with, and even if you wipe the bed down..there's still more pieces!!!

u must be ugly

Or he has OCD... Responding to the comment above me.

Or because you didn't make him one.

What's your username on youtube?

haha the " you deserve it" # is at "69"00

Eat on the couch or have sex in the couch? I guess either would work.

Don't eat stuff in other peoples beds then.

That's an interesting boyfriend you have there. Crumbs > Sex.

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crumbs is not okey.

Oh come on he just doesn't want to have sex with you and that was the excuse he thought of because it was the most recent thing that you did to upset him, it's not drastic but he's pretending it is to avoid sex, maybe he doesn't want to with you

Agree, eating food in someone else's bed and making a mess is fairly disrespectful. I won't want someone I was sleeping making a mess in my bed. IRS his bed and he has to sleep in it, so stop fouling it up.

"sounds like it was....*takes glasses off*... A crummy situation..." YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice double entendre.

Maybe he's mad you didn't offer him a piece

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lol datz my txt ringer haha!

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Does these comments even relate to the FML!!!???

Yes...yes they do.

Everybody's Russian!!!


No but it doesn't matter doushbag

Really?? Sacrificing sex over bread crumbs???

Bet you he doesn't care when his boyfriend drop crumbs in his bed!

I'm sorry but, what the hell?

Her bf isn't bi bro......

What kind of person sacrifices sex over some bread crumbs? A simple sweep of your hand and poof, crumbs b' gone.

He gots to keep a strong pimp hand.

I think 53 was trying to imply that because he sacrificed sex for crumbs, that he must be gay.

It is uncomfortable to have sex on breadcrumbs.

I would. I don't want some fat bitches crumbs in my bed

Thats what you get for leaving the kitchen!

haha just tell him youll clean the crumbs up with your mouth and then show him what else ypu can do with your mouth.

Can I get yo' number?

Trying to get your dick wet on fml? Haha forever alone -_- ^^^

Who brought the hoe in here ?

And I bet you didn't even make him one...

Wow he must really not wanna have sex

My boy makes me sandwiches.

I agree. Moreover, wtf were you doing out of the kitchen?

9- lmao....nice...ur life is bro?

He's a douchebag

Agreed @179 He's not a douche. Ugh. Cleaning crumbs, the more you try, the more there are! It's annoying to roll over them in the night.

Would YOU want to sleep in a freshly covered in crumbs bed? I don't think so.