By he wasn't even playing - Australia - Corrimal
Today, my boyfriend told me he wouldn't be able to cover his share of the rent because he didn't work during the week, saying business has been slow. I checked and found out he called in sick four times. He wanted to stay home and watch online gaming matches. FML
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By  Roskosity  |  22

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  omi194  |  8

Plus for all you know she was checking to see how long business would be slow cause she's worried about rent. Either way if he's going to try rely on her for rent then she has a right to know.

  UniUni  |  13

Maybe because they have rent to pay together, and he's letting the responsibility fall on her. I would check his story out too because that's fucked up.

  renjisgirl12  |  22

She knew he wasn't going to work, that isn't the issue. As it says above, he told her it was due to low business (i.e. work didn't require him to come in), when actually he was secretly calling in sick to stay home. The issue is that he lied to her about the reason for him staying home, not that she didn't know about it.