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  shannonreneee  |  11

The fear and anxiety becomes so intense that you tend to feel like the world is collapsing on you or you're having a heart attack. It's really scary and upsetting. Obviously the fear of love and vulnerability has caused this. I hope it works out, OP


I've only had one panic attack and I had mine for no reason whatsoever; I was just calmly watching TV when mine struck. It's not a barrel of laughs either; it made me feel very unwell for three months afterwards and I was constantly on edge. A lot of people think panic attacks are controllable, but they're not; they're a very horrible experience and I wouldn't wish them upon anyone.

  Sigil  |  11

Panic attacks are caused when your emotional state exceeds your ability to cope with that emotion.The initial emotion can be fear or a seemingly unrelated emotion that yet triggers fear, e.g., love, joy or excitement.

  theaaxis  |  27

I used to have terrible commitment issues, (as well as moderate anxiety I cope with to this day), and even hearing my partner's best friend tell me that my partner loved me triggered a panic attack. I had to breathe into a bag. Not as uncommon as the world would think! Though definitely quite embarrasing..

  Internut  |  6

The FML doesn't say anything about her boyfriend's reaction. But I'd have to guess he might be upset and think he dropped the word too soon or she wasn't ready.

  GoW_Chick  |  14

Panic attacks are not normal, and they suck, it feels like the whole world is crumbling around you, and you can't stop it from happening, or another way to explain it is you feel like a fish out of water.

  PinkRainbow  |  3

I think Mel is saying that it is normal to be very excited/nervous when someone tells you they love you for the first time. The nerves got to OP and she freaked out. Unfortunately, instead of just getting sweaty palms and shaky hands OP had a panic attack.

  Torva_fml  |  16

Yea 39! Haha! That was such an amusing comment! I wish I had the ability to put my lane ass laughter into text form and post it on the Internet. I'd be sooo famous.

  MiSo_Delek  |  7

Sorry didn't even realize, I'm on my phone. Besides this site isn't about who copied who, if you really have the mind set and time to call people out on "copying" comments, then I truly feel sorry for you.