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  CaitsACake  |  7

OP here and it might have been almost kinda okay in different circumstances. I had been feeling depressed and me and him where fighting and he came over and brought me ice cream and a couple doughnuts into my room. He kept trying to get some, got aggravated took my doughnut i had gotten one bite out of and stuck it on his penis. It was ridiculous. Mind you after i forced him to take it off i DID eat it. It was my fucking doughnut after all >_>

  CountWest  |  6

126: Yes, some people are still into magazines. What they aren't into is having self-respect. Vote me down all you want but search your feelings... You know it's true. I mean, how many articles on "5 ways to spice up your sex life" do you need to read before you realize they use the same material every issue?

  naren723  |  11

I think that's cute! And who doesn't like donuts? I definitely think this shouldn't be on fml, you should brag about this to your friends about your guy being creative and funny.


133- Considering it's half-and-half pastry and cake, I'd imagine you can fit your organ in there without breaking the doughnut to the point that it falls off. Not like it's as rigid as you are, y'know.

  \  |  28

What's the purpose of a donut-hole anyway?