By tiredofcrazy - 18/03/2014 09:14 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend stormed out after I suggested to him that his relationship with his mother is maybe a little weird. Apparently having regular, hour-long phone discussions about your penis is a perfectly normal thing for a 23-year-old to have with his mother. FML
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It isn't normal?

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You might not be ready for the internet.

or thumbdowns...

Is this how you met his mother?...

I stopped mid-bite of my morning cereal when I read the last part of that...

Wowwwwww yea that is very strange

Thus, the point of this FML yeah..

I don't understand all the thumbs down for this guy. He just felt like expressing the obvious just don't thumbs up or down the comment

I don't know #2... It seems pretty damn normal to me!

That's awkward.

yeah his "mother"

Hey maybe he's Oedipus

the original mother fucker

Some guys (usually Italians) get extremely close with their mothers because their mothers baby them throughout their lives and don't know how to live independently of them. My brother is the same way. My mom babies him and caters to his every whim but it's only going to ruin his ability to have healthy relationships when he gets older. It annoys the hell out of me that my mother obviously has an extremely unhealthy relationship with her son and whenever I mention it to him or her I always get yelled at so I feel your pain OP.

maybe it's Norman Bates in the future

#63 I know what you mean. My mum is far too soft on my brothers most of the time. She'll make a rule, he'll complain and suddenly it doesn't apply to him! I've even seen him have a hissy fit because "there's no food" and makes my mum make him something! If I was to do that she'd be like "Tough, you won't be eating then." Seriously pisses me off!

Exactly...(though im not Italian) i am very close to my mom. Maybe not as close as that guy...but close enough

wait.. this isn't normal? my life is a lie!!!

Yah you might need to now...

Nah she'll be fine... Her boyfriend already left!

Why don't you tell Oedipus to cool it before things get even crazier.

If your boyfriend starts plotting the murder of his father, you might want to start to worry, OP.

Talking to Dad about a possible medical problem down there, maybe. But Mom? Yeeeeeaaaaahhh, nothing short of weird.

Talking to dad about down there for and hour? Just as weird unless he's a doctor.

Maybe mom is a doctor. My mom is a nurse and I talk with her at length about 'personal' stuff. Details are vital for a proper examination and diagnosis, especially with a medical professional. It could very well take an hour, including talking about what to do in the future, if it happens again, if other symptoms show up, etc. The 10 minute doctor visit you get with an appointment really isn't worth crap.

Are you OP's boyfriend?

Uh... me? No..... I'm a woman, and I have no idea who the OP or her bf are.

I doubt the OP would consider this FML-worthy if bf's mom was a penisologist or whatever. After all, if that were the case, OP would already know about any issues with the purple helmeted yogurt slinger and bf's mom would be the logical person to ask.

I suggest you either confront him or leave him, OP. That really isn't normal.

She did confront him...

and he left.

Something definitely isn't right there.

I would help the boyfriend. If these types of things have happened since he was a child, he wouldn't recognize it as strange or abuse. It sounds very inappropriate. I would read up on it, OP.

There's nothing wrong with a mama's boy... But this is not normal!