By hotmess - United States - Katy
Today, my boyfriend stopped by my house after work because he missed me. We made out for a bit outside, which involved some touching and then he left. When I got inside, I got a Facebook message from my older neighbor that read, "That was gross. Please don't do that again in front of me. Really." FML
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I actually agree. People will say "your neighbor should have looked away" but the neighbor probably did look away after he saw it. And your neighbor should be able to go outside and not see two people fucking around.

  Kittycorn  |  17

I agree, I'm sure your neighbor would like to be able to look through his window without witnessing some heavy petting, especially if you have a house available.

  trollcrusher  |  17

There's not enough information to infer that the neighbor was watching the entire scene; my immediate interpretation was that he looked out at the wrong moment, likely seeing them lip-locked and getting handsy, before leaving in disgust to type the message. That brief viewing alone would probably be enough to warrant the message sent.

I have to vote YDI on this one; it wouldn't have been much trouble for OP to step into the house and make the "public display of affection" a private one instead.