By Yuuucky - Canada
Today, my boyfriend showed me a YouTube video of him popping a huge blackhead on his forehead. He told me he had been "growing" it for more than 2 years now. I have been caressing and kissing that thing for almost 2 years because I thought it was a beauty mark. FML
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  DjeePee  |  24

For your information, I never popped a zit in my mouth.

Yes, I know that you're thinking of other FML's. No, it's not cool to react to the first comment simply for the joy of doing it.


I for one enjoy seeing the thought processes of fellow FML commenters when reading the same comments. A comment chain starts at cheating and ends with a a football reference. It's like my thought process: one minute I am thinking about a butter fly and some how I end up making a compare and contrast joke to myself about how mayonnaise and I go together like Paris Hilton and a condom. I think if we were to go on talking about #1 thinking it's gross and putting this FML on her favorites list we would have one short and bland comment thread. Maybe it's just me...

  EffinToofer  |  3

Some females like to show guys that we accept them and all of their imperfections. OP was just showing her boyfriend that he didn't need to be ashamed of his "beauty mark."

  Playful1985  |  9

Omg that's sick and lame all at once