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Today, my boyfriend sent me a text that said, "I can't be seen with you anymore. You're too fat." FML
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Do something that's very difficult to do just for some ass of a boyfriend? Um no

I see the girl in your picture. I'm going to assume that is your daughter. How would you feel if your daughter (or whoever that girl is) came home just bawling her eyes out because her boyfriend told her that he can't be seen with her because she is too fat? You would be VERY pissed off! Now stfu and keep your shitty advice to yourself!!!

You guys need to shut up and learn when someone on the Internet is joking

No, do something difficult for yourself, not for some insensitive dick-head.

19- She is my niece. I wasn't justifying what the boyfriend said, and it is not shitty advice.

Honestly, there's 2 choices. Either lose some weight and stay with him, or dump him and find someone that likes the new you. And losing weight is not the hardest thing in the world, there just aren't any shortcuts. If it's really important to you, you'll hack it.

Wow what a douche. He doesn't deserve her if he can't love all of her.

It's actually not that hard to loose weight, you just need to know the correct diet, which most people don't, most people go on a low fat diet when in all reality, they should be going on a high fat diet.

His daughters not fat. She keeps thin like a good girl should

People need to stop being such sissies! If your fat (forget pc "overweight"), do something besides crying that people say hurtful things. Sitting on FML or Facebook shoveling McDonald's down your throat is your own fault! Man up and deal with it! Im 6'1" 195lbs, but have that gut showing up. Instead of me looking for sympathy, I'm getting a exercise bike and going to start to do something about it!

I'm not surprised a comment saying she probably doesn't need to lose weight and OP wants a supermodel got thumbed up. Is this some defense mechanism certain women use? Stop living in denial. She has to be fat for OP to have said that, and while I disagree with how he chose to tell her, I fear that there really are stupid, fat women convincing themselves they aren't fat and anyone at a healthy weight is supermodel skinny and must be bashed. Proceed with thumbing me down since I've essentially called you lot a bunch of stupid, delusional fatties with a skewed perception in your favor.

I agree with Freeze. If you really wanted to look thinner, you would do it. But it seems everybody wants to use shortcuts nowadays, when really, there aren't any.

I wish my ex-husband had told me when I got fat. Instead he just let me walk around at an unhealthy weight in clothes that were too small. Once I weighed myself and realized that there was a problem, I fixed it. 25 lbs and one husband less, I'm happier and back to feeling good about myself.

Semen is a natural fat burner... Just saying

This is exactly what I'm talking about. Stop speaking for the male population. Lauren Alaina does not look 1000x better with the extra 25 lbs on her. If you read about her weight loss you'd know that she's been working out at a gym and eating healthy. News flash, the weight loss is a result from being healthy. I'll just be blunt. She looked chubby before. Now she's eating healthier and working out. And now she looks better. Quit the bashing on healthy sized people. It's annoying women like you who make it a disgrace to be attractive.

Freeze, I have to disagree with you. I have been called fat and I'm very far from it. I know several others who have as well. the boyfriend -could- be a dick and could have said that despite her normal weight, or she could legitimately be fat.

In regards to Lauren Alaina: I've seen pictures of her before and after she lost weight. I see nothing wrong with either; she looks good either way. That said, some people don't pull off the skeletal look very well so they end up looking better with a little more weight (read: a healthy weight/pounds, not being overweight... yadda yadda). The same goes for the other way. Also, I'm not saying anyone who's losing weight will look skeletal. I know they don't all look that way. The way Lauren lost her weight is wonderful and even admirable but I personally don't think it's necessary. But then again one person's cup of tea isn't necessarily everyone else's.

Whoa. What? Once you get below a size six? I'm a size two and I have just as many curves as a woman should... just as many as the size six you speak of. You can easily be a size 6 and be overweight. Sizes are nothing but numbers. They don't tell you a thing about whether you're overweight. I met a lady once when I worked in a clothing store. She was very tall, around six feet and very thin; I thought she would have worn a smaller size but she turned out to be a ten because of her bone structure.

Let's reiterate: It doesn't matter what size you are. A very tiny girl can be just as curvy as a larger girl. A size two won't be as curvy as a size six? Oh yes, they can be.

There are plenty of thin girls who are curvy, if not more curvy than other girls size 6+. You can be a size 2 an still have naturally big boobs and a butt.

Tell everyone at school and his future gf that his dick is small

And 197 comes in with an intelligent contribution to the discussion.

What a tosser ....

You're fucking dumb

116...I'm 123lbs extremely far from fat and I was with an arrogant douche a few years back that would call me fat all the time just because my bones weren't bulging out of my no.. She certainly does not need to be fat for the boyfriend to call her fat.. He could just be a dick ... Just had to get that off my mind :/

Attractive is in the eye of the beholder, maybe being bigger is unhealthy, but that doesn't mean you aren't beautiful

he's got a point. losing weight is good for you if you are indeed over weight. doesn't mean you have to get super fucking skinny because of a guy, do it for you.

116 I know plenty of people that call others fat or in this case "over weight" just because they plump. or stocky. or their hands dont connect fully when they hug em. Someone is just bigger than one's liking so they automatically fat. OP's other never loved her at all if she was broken up with for such a shallow excuse and he's not worth her time anyways.

I like how the people of FML get butt-hurt when someone suggests losing weight. Makes me think that they are overweight themselves and try to justify it.

Your now ex is a complete asshole. I'm sorry. best thing to do is lose the weight and get some hot man candy to date. show your ex how amazing you really are!

She got so fat that the bf couldn't even be seen with her, so obviously she is way overweight than she should be to the point of health risks. Its okay if your not a walking skeleton,in fact i prefer if girls aren't, but don't become obese and let these fml post lead you to the denial of being unhealthy.

268 - There are actually douchebags out there who believe anything bigger than a size 0 is fat. Perhaps OP's boyfriend is one of these guys. Perhaps she's only a size 6, which isn't fat. She's not automatically obese, dude.

excuse me!

106-excuse me!

You don't know she's big. She could just be a size 2 dating someone who wants a 0

You don't know she's big. She could just be a size 2 dating someone who wants a 0

SO ITS THE HUSBANDS FAULT LEMAO least he used the correct you're?

I don't think he's ready for her 'jelley', cause her body's too bootylicious for him.

I thumbed up on accident

Should that read my now ex boyfriend

Ya he's an ass, but... Maybe you should workout.... No?

Tell him he's an ass hat

Hey don't diss an ass with a hat!

No, make him wear his ass for hat.

That term is reserved for marine use. Lol

I agree he shouldn't of been such a dick about it but still losing weight isn't a bad idea. It makes you feel better, but I'd you're happy with who you are more power to ya

If you've gained a bunch of weight recently then YDI. If not then he's a dick.

Can you stop being a dick? It doesn't matter whether she gained the weight recently or if she has always had it. Either way, just like you, the boyfriend is just an insensitive douche.

I dont see how he is an insensitive douche just because he may not be attracted to fat people, and she could have gained weight since the beggining of their relationship

He never said he wasn't attracted to her, he said he couldnt be seen with her, meaning all he cared about was image. THATS what makes him a douche.

My bf & I agreeded that if I gain 30lbs he has good reason to break up with me. That's not the way I was when he met me and it isn't right for him to have to "deal with it" just because I let myself go.

#4 is correct. I try not to get involved with porkers. I'd rather stay single than date one.

I feel like there is some information missing from this FML. Everyone is saying he's an asshole, but maybe he came to her politely multiple times saying she's gaining weight and it's getting unhealthy and she chose to ignore him. If that is the case then OP deserves it. Don't automatically assume the BF is an asshole just because we hear one side of the story.

102 - A relationship isn't an excuse to let yourself go, but you're in the relationship because you love the person you're with. Telling them how you feel about the new weight would be ideal; helping them LOSE the weight if the agree to it would be better. If you dump someone because they gained 20 or 30 pounds, you're an asshole. If you dump someone because they gained 200 pounds, that's quite another story.

Just because we're OK with that agreement doesn't make either one of us assholes. That's your opinion not ours, and ours is the only one that matters in our relationship.

i love how every girl on here says "what a douche, thatbperson is insensitive" i bet you anything about 95% of the people saying that are just the same. tho that guy was pretty rude i woulda said for some other reason.

The way he said it was rude, yes, but if OP knew she was gaining weight she should've done something about it, rather than hope her boyfriend wouldn't call her out on it. If you really want to, use this as motivation to lose some weight OP.

187 - How many people are okay with their SO dumping them over a small weight gain?

A 30 lb weight gain is not a small one in my instance. If I put on 30 pounds I would be 5 pounds away from being considered yeah that's not a small weight gain. Frankly, putting my life at risk by being obese is a valid reason for my SO to leave me if I'm not willing to do something about it. I never said everybody would be ok with it, but we are. I frankly don't care about what other people moving on..

Hes still a dick. If your with someone its for love, not what they weigh. OP could have gained weight mutiple ways that are out of her control, Birth control, medications etc. No one said she let herself go.

239 - Let me rephrase. While 30 pounds isn't a teeny tiny amount, it's still nothing close to 50 or 100 pounds and can be easily lost whereas 50-100 pounds will take a lot more work and time to come off. If I personally gained 30 pounds, I'd be a few pounds shy from being overweight. I would NOT be okay if someone dumped me because I gained a little weight - unless I was purposely letting myself go. Then IMO they have reason to; it shows your SO that you don't care enough to maintain yourself. But what if you do gain because of something out of your control? What if you're going through chemotherapy, which CAN cause you to gain (or lose) weight? Sometimes people do become extremely overweight because of medical circumstances and it's not right for the SO to be shallow and dump them over a weight gain. Good god, it's fat. It can be burnt off. Even a ten pound weight gain which is common with the birth control pill is grounds to dump someone according to many of you. That's just absurd and incredibly shallow.

A girl should never be called fat, regardless.

Dump his f***ing ass!

I think he already beat her too it.

what a jerk. you deserve better

And he deserves a skinny gf

to hell with him i say,fyl

Lose some weight. Then sneak into his house and pull off his pubs with duct tape

Lmao, Approved and Advised!!

FYL SOME people can't control their body weight. That is so terrible that he would just come out and say that!! It hurts knowing, yourself, that you're not the body type you want to be! But when the person you love says something like that... That's just terrible!! FYL

Well she should do something about it then, and maybe she wouldn't be called fat anymore, and be able to hold a steady relationship

Clearly OP was not fat when they started dating, because if she was they wouldn't have dated in the first place.( based on what the bf did) She had to have let herself go in which she could do something about it.

#53. Everyone CAN do something about being fat, but not everyone has the motivation to make the necessary sacrifices. Rolls != curves. Female bodybuilders give guys boner inversions. Yuck! You must give fabulous blow jobs. That's what you are doing right ;)

#73, Wow!  I'd ask what it is, but I don't think I could handle the simultaneous blush and boner. Weight loss is a depressingly simple matter of calories in vs calories out.  As you lose weight, you require even fewer calories.  You have to be really motivated to feel satisfied with less and less food.  For people like us, the amount of food we need is way less than what we'd want. If you like yourself at 195 and a man who loves you at that weight, stay there.  Technically, you can be much lighter, but you don't need to be.  Consider yourself lucky.

Some people do have problems losing weight, no matter what they do. This is true, but the number of these people with that medical condition is VERY small. The rest of the people use excuses on why they havent lost weight yet. Stay healthy, not fat nor skinny!

Being over weight has nothing to do with being able to hold a steady relationship. My sister is obese and she is married to a very thin man.

That was directed at #51

Some people can't lose weight easily because obesity runs in their family. Ever thought about that?

Some people can't lose weight easily because obesity runs in their family. Ever thought about that?

169...obesity doesn't run in the family...the diet and lifestyle does. If a person is fat and they have kids and raise them eating the same way and not working out, they're kids will be fat too. It's not hereditary.

You CAN lose more. Weight loss is an equation: if you eat less than you burn, you will lose weight. 3,500 calories= 1 pound. However, if you create too much of a deficit, usually 1,000 calories a day, your body goes into famine/starvation mode & holds on to fat. You need to eat healthy food: raw veggies only do not a healthy diet make. That being said, if you and your husband are happy the way you are, you have no reason to change other than for your health. My point is that you physically CAN.

Yeah , well both of my parents and even all of my uncles and aunts are obese. So yes it does run in my family. I WAS quite much overweight until I figured out how to lose weight. It's not impossible folks.

Cj7 - obesity does run in families. It's genetic, not just environmental. Please get a clue before making ignorant comments.

It doesn't matter what causes people to be "fat" or "skinny". If they like how they are that is all that matters. Because honestly, few people can say they love how they look. It's all about being healthy, not the size of your clothes

Thank you DocBastard!! You made a comment I completely agree with!!! :)

Don't think she felt very strongly about you. If she did she wouldn't care what others thought of you with her.

Did you read the FML? Her BOYFRIEND sent her a text..... People these days.

Oops, I facepalmed myself that time. In my experience it's usually the girl who has the issue when it comes to what others will think of their partner. Guess I got it a little mixed up.