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  cryssycakesx3  |  22

just because he was disappointed doesn't mean he doesn't care about her or doesn't love her.

my boyfriend is too skinny. it disappoints me, but he's still really sexy and I certainly do not love him any less.

  jazzy_123  |  20

54, that doesn't justify it. Your bf might not feel bad about you calling him skinny the same way my bf doesn't feel bad when I call him fat. I'm sure if your bf told you something about your body being weird or disproportionate you'd feel bad.

  kangx1  |  28

He obviously doesn't only care about OPs tits. Was saying that he was disappointed the nicest thing to say? No. He love OP for who she is not her body that's why he's still with her

  CupOfCoffee  |  14

#54 I don't see why you get all the downsvotes. Some things might disappoint. But the thing is, do you TELL your boyfriend? Maybe you just keep it to yourself? Or maybe he just doesn't mind. Maybe OP is very self-conscious about her chest. If that's the case, then that was a real dick move from her boyfriend.


He didn't say anything about losing interest in her because of her boobs.. he just said that her boobs were smaller than he expected. that doesn't mean that he only wants her for her body.

  SpamPam  |  18

she might not want someone who makes her feel self-conscious/ ashamed of her own body. If he really did care about her, he would care about we feelings, which his comment suggests otherwise. Just cause he "still has interest" in her doesn't mean he deserves her company after a remark like that

  Pleonasm  |  34

Ha, I'll probably get flak for this, but: not everything is aesthetically pleasing to everyone.
Never found something you found less appealing to the eye? Nothing visual is exempt from disappointment in that same way.
A certain person will not find everything beautiful, and it's all just up to taste.

Before anyone jumps in, I'm not justifying OP's boyfriend, nor am I making a judgment on her boobs.
You asked a question pertaining to taste, and I tried to respond.


push up bras aren't deceiving. Maybe if they're from Victoria's Secret (because let's face it. They're like 90% padding.) but push up bras are only boosting what you already have. You don't understand bras, I guess.


#104 "Boosting" is still deceiving. Making them look better than they actually are is clearly deceiving, whether you like it or not. Sorry to break it to you. That's how guys see it.

  Ololo_fml  |  15

#2 & #13 really?? guys you know that there are shapes that looks really weird, right? like pectus carinatum or snoopy breasts. The guy didn't say anything that could have insulted her: he was just dissapointed. It's not like he will broke up because of it

p.s. still 70-90% push-up bras are dissapointing

  purbur  |  9

Push up bras just push up what you have- like the name suggests. There has to be something to push up in the first place. Padded bras are the deceiving ones because it's adding to the cup so the bra itself would feel thicker. Personally, I think that push-up bras are just advertising what you already have while padded bras would be considered false advertisement.

  feelingold  |  18

166 - it depends.. Maybe he was disappointed by their droopyness, not their size. In which case the push up is the deception. Sorry! Personally as long as they're reasonably pert I like any size...

  squideth  |  18

I don't understand why any of you think it's any of your business what bra a person chooses to where. It is something they chose for themselves and why anyone calls it "false advertising durr" is unbelievable.

  ktmla  |  14

#11: "For the lack of him not having one".. So he does have one because he's lacking the absence of one? Not to be a grammar nazi but your double negative is confusing me.

  Axel5238  |  29

Preference is one thing being a dick about it is something else. The fact he was a dick about it is what people are taking issue with. Not sure how people confuse the two things.

  cyttex  |  13

I feel like he hyped himself up for them and they weren't as cool as he thought, I'm attracted to them bit I know people who see nothing sexual or attractive about them.

By  MeTheBeast  |  22

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  kingdomgirl94  |  28

OR you feel more confident because you feel like you fill out clothes better or you no longer feel like people laugh at you when you wear a bathing suit. People don't just look good to attract people.

Also: this is super heteronormative. Some women want to look good for other women ;)

  littlekellilee  |  45

55 have you had kids? Some women have said theirs are deflated like balloons after having them. Some women are born like that. Some women don't have the perfect pair of breasts and avoid mirrors, or even looking down, when they have no bra on. It makes sense to get surgery FOR YOURSELF in those cases, because it's an option for a body part that you can't change through diet or exercise. I know I've been in those situations through medications for other parts of me, and it's a horrible feeling. So don't assume all women do it for a guy. And hope yours never deflate so you don't have to feel that feeling.