By ForgottenAgain - United States
Today, my boyfriend sat me down to reassure me that his competitive, possessive ex-wife will not come between us or ruin our relationship. Mid-conversation, his phone rang. It was her, and he left to answer it. FML
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By  debbiess  |  0

OP You should get out of that relationship. That is a vicious circle. She will make your life miserable, trust me on this one.
How do I know? I've been there! And I got hurt big time!

  TiffyTaffy96  |  13

To answer a phone call mid-conversation is extremely rude, especially if they were talking about her not getting in the way. He should of not answered it, or told her he will call her back later.

By  Geiko_fml  |  0

Just because he answered a phone call from her though isn't a bad thing, unless it was a bad phone call that could come between you two. Could just be telling her to stop calling all the time, etc.

By  sallen0046  |  4

YDI for letting phone calls "ruin" your relationship. You've got a boyfriend with manners who excuses himself to take care of something he knew would upset you. Yeah, you're life is horrible alright. Did it ever occur to you that he took the opportunity to tell her the exact thing he was trying to explain to you? Either learn how to deal with adult relationships or go back to dating me who've never been in a long term relationship or marriage.