By Lyingboyfriend - Canada
Today, my boyfriend said he couldn't come to my grandfather's funeral because he was at his cottage and couldn't make it. Later that day, when driving home from the graveyard I saw him walking down the street, with another girl. FML
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OP = GAY, possibly bi
His boyfriend = definitely BISEXUAL
The girl = STRAIGHT, possibly bi

Get it?

Now that everyone's got that, let's make sure a flaming session on homosexuals does NOT happen

That said I do like these FMLs where the OP is gay, cos it reassures me that there are other gay people out there (I don't actually know any gay people in real life... apart from possibly my violin teacher)

  lexiBRo  |  0

OR.. Op may have made a mistake when he created his account, which may have been done just to post this fml... people do that even though it isn't necessary

  _THE_MASTER_  |  0

wow some of your stupidity amazes me to no end. perhaps the OP simply forgot to change the gender? is that a little too difficult for you to grasp? please, for the love of humanity, light a firecracker and hold it firmly between your thighs, and remove yourselves from the gene pool. no more rampant stupidity!!!!


Aw dammit #13! That was so stupid of me! Of course if the OP writes "another girl", then she has to be a girl (unless the partner was a girl, which he's not).

I think it's obvious that the OP just forgot to put her gender as woman when she submitted this FML.

Plus, why do users create an account and name it after the first FML they submit? Does their personality centre around that one event?

  nviedemerde  |  0

Exactly my thoughts...possible fake? Because I doubt a man (unless he was one of Paris Hilton's "BFFs") would say "I saw him with ANOTHER girl"

  olisykes_  |  0

M13LO, please fuck off. No one wants you here. You're probably some 50 year old whose never had sex before and all you do for fun is troll on FMLs and masturbate.

By  plexico  |  3

Funeral? What a crappy date activity! It rarely leads to sex afterwards, so why bother?

Don't ask him to be with you when you are giving birth, because it's no fun for him, and he definitely won't be having sex afterward. If you want to keep a guy, you have to know what things NOT to ask him to.

Also, it puts the boyfriend under a lot of pressure. Your whole family thinks that you two are serious. How could you do that to the poor guy?

PS: I'm assuming the OP is a girl who made up this account just to post this FML. Since she chose the name LyingBoyfriend, she stated his gender, male. It's an error on her part, but it is the only way that "another girl" makes sense.

  mcsnelly  |  5

Please die, plexico, I'm tired of reading your shit on every FML. I think you're referring to a hooker, not a girlfriend, if the only activity you can do with that person leads to sex. The boyfriend would be going for support (and grief, if the boyfriend also new the grandfather), not to have a date. And pressure? Yeah, it's real hard to sit at a funeral talk to a few people and give your girlfriend a hug if she starts to cry. GTFO.

  skullbuster  |  0

@mcsnelly: You know what I'm tired of, reading responses from people such as you where you are wishing death, plague, or misfortune on people for posting snarky comments. Most of the posts are fake and the comments are sarcastic bullshit. I'm not going to wish anything bad on you for your comments, but I will tell you to GO FUCK YOURSELF! Because orgasms are good...

  plexico  |  3

You are an asshole, mcsnelly.

You don't know satire if it bites you on the ass. Let me explain it to you very slowly (since you probably read very slowly, this should be fine.) I was taking the side of an incredibly shallow, self-absorbed and selfish boyfriend. You have to be pretty stupid to think that I was being sincere. But, then again, . . .

  mcsnelly  |  5

So I'M the asshole for calling you out for being one of the biggest assholes on this site who just wants to start arguments because you think it's funny to say horrible things about people who don't deserve it??