By Anonymous - Netherlands
Today, my boyfriend's parents visited us. When everyone was chatting in the room, I needed to go to the bathroom. I got up and wanted to walk away when I sneezed, and farted at the same time. I thought they didn't hear it, until my boyfriend's brother said: "That wasn't just a sneeze was it?" FML
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By  amy_eire4759  |  16


  impregnator  |  0

listen. girls don't fart. they eat cuz food is tasty but they have sexy bodies so they use all the nutrients and don't produce farts or waste. stop your damn lies

  JenL_fml  |  7

Is the whole "girls don't fart/poop" thing supposed to be a joke? Cause they're really exhausted it to the point where it's not funny anymore... :/

  lmaoatall  |  6

I agree with you 36- now to set the question straight, all females of the world that is reading this, go outside and take a dump on your neighbors lawn.