By Anonymous - 06/04/2011 11:47 - Netherlands

Today, my boyfriend's parents visited us. When everyone was chatting in the room, I needed to go to the bathroom. I got up and wanted to walk away when I sneezed, and farted at the same time. I thought they didn't hear it, until my boyfriend's brother said: "That wasn't just a sneeze was it?" FML
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lmaoatall 6

and you say, nooo, open your ears! it was a snart.

cptmorgan15 2

Haha, funny, but a dick move on his part.


rallets 22

^ huh? lol she snarted... feezed? o_O

Somebody didn't make it to the bathroom in time. I also think you will now find it is ex-boyfriend.

17- I think you will find it was more than a fart.

rallets 22

17, she not only farted... she snarted '_'

rallets 22

agreed, get some humor while youre at it

jjaymemusic 2

#63 Just saying, farting fairy dust is still a fart.

Hahaha 'it wasnt just a fart'. And yes before they start Girls eat, therefore they also shit, and fart, and burp, etc.

rallets 22

listen. girls don't fart. they eat cuz food is tasty but they have sexy bodies so they use all the nutrients and don't produce farts or waste. stop your damn lies

rallets 22

she just tried saying that girls do actually shit. no need for name-calling :/ #9 knows how their system works

lmaoatall 6

My girlfriend claims to burp, and I've heard it, but I'm sure she's parroting.

callofduty4life 0

girls don't poop and are in no way equal to men.

Is the whole "girls don't fart/poop" thing supposed to be a joke? Cause they're really exhausted it to the point where it's not funny anymore... :/

lmaoatall 6

I agree with you 36- now to set the question straight, all females of the world that is reading this, go outside and take a dump on your neighbors lawn.

Girls don't poop. When they eat food instead of it getting turned into waste, it just turns into emotion.

girls eat? nice try, next thing ur gonna try and tell me is that I should be taking her for walks too... real funny...

mz_booty 0

it's not like she crapped herself!! it's a fart!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, we don't REALLY fart, it's just a delicate sparkling perfume. You know.

iTaylor 0
iTaylor 0
Frelling 0

44, I usually hate the whole girls don't fart etc. I like your take on it. Girls be crazy.

At least you didn't shart in your pants.

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CommonSenseKarma 17

what a bastard! why the hell did he point it out?!!

shift_love 13

cause he's awesome and people should be called out on the farts they try to sneak by

RyDawg918 0

ydi for lying to us. girls dont fart

Captain_Zorro 7
rebekahah 7

45- yes we do, and it is NOT pleasant. it is completely awkward feeling.

Queefing is fake. Farts are real. *fart, jiggle, sniff*

rallets 22
rallets 22

perhaps a sense of humor will help?

cptmorgan15 2

Haha, funny, but a dick move on his part.