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By  Twinklestar  |  0

She's probably upset he left her and trying to break up your relationship. She doesn't sound very mature if she would send you information like this over facebook. Plus, people are usually reluctant to end marriages so they're generally pretty sure about their decision to leave. Give him a bit of credit and ask him about it without getting hysterical. I'm sure he'll appreciate you trusting him enough to talk to him about it rather than getting worked up and breaking up without hearing him out.

  BritishHobo  |  0

Yeah, prank the other innocent woman who quite likely also got lied to and duped by this asshole. Genius idea.

Or... team up with her and... kick him. I don't know, I'm terrible at pranks. You come up with something.

Sorry OP :( FYL. At least you know, though :) Better to know after a month than to find out years down the line when you want to marry him, or something.

  clumsylittleme  |  11

Thank you!! Chances are the wife or ex wife was lying. If they were still married wouldn't they be living together still. And even If they were having marriage problems then yes he could move out. BUT then why would they be sleeping together. Soo. Most likely she's lying.

  Muffinish  |  0

@2.. it says they've lived together for a month, not that they've been together for a month.

Man, that's awful... If I were you I'd conspire with the "ex"-wife so she'll get everything he's got! If she can prove in court that he's cheating (easy to do), then she'll more than likely get at least half his assets and all the jury will know what an asshole he is. :)


Really? So people now need hand outs and get stuff for a wrongful doing?? Sad and Pathetic! People need to just learn to accept rejection and move on with their lives!! It takes a real piece of shit to take someone for all they can! Even the act that caused the issue isn't near as bad!!!

  AntiChrist7  |  0


So the guys you dated all cheated on you? that says more about your choice of guys and yourself than the guys themself.

Its maybe hard to believe, but not all men cheat or fake. It's your choice, and your loss, we are not going to have any sypmathy for that. Pick someone decent next time.

  AntiChrist7  |  0

@ 15: Well, if your friends are that easily conquered, they ask for it. That's why you should always get to know people better for getting into a relationship with them.

People don't change (they never do), your friends just didn't knew enough of their boyfriends: own fault

  kakek_fml  |  0

Here's the "girls pick assholes" opinion detailled and explained.

Being a cheating bastard generaly doesn't come without some other character's trait. Like being dynamic, not hesitating to step on other when you need to, taking what they want, lying when they need to get what they want ... also, being good looking and making you feel like a princess.

Chances are the OP fell for this guy because of those characteristics, wich kinda make an alpha male and a good player. And, 90% of the time, a cheating asshole.

And she probably picked him over a hundred "nice guys", mainly because they were nice.
We all know that girls don't go for the nice guys, right ? I'm not shocking you there I hope, cause that's the advice a nice guy without a girlfriend will hear from most girls.
Well, if you don't go for the nice guy, you automaticaly rule out most guys that aren't asshole either. It's that simple.

So yes, every girl that end up with an asshole had chosen him. Go for nice guys if you don't want that. But don't expect the guy that succeded by taking all he wants in life to be a nice guy. That's moronic.

Also, there's the men equivalent. Like complaining that their GF is a gold digger and / or a bitch. And then choosing the next girl on her look and short skirt. Well, sexy girls with short skirts are often materialist, stupid, and / or bitchy. If the said guy would choose the girl on her personnality and how good they are together, he wouldn't have that problem.

It works both way. Materialist bitch go for assholes, disregard nice guys, and complain about the assholes.
Wining bastard (aka assholes) go for the sexy girl, disregard personnality, and wonder why all their girlfriends ends up being materialist bitchs.

  gamerdude66  |  8

she said facebookED, not facebook. and even if she did, bad grammer isnt an excuse for bad things to happen. and dont worry OP, shes probly just trying to break you up.