By Anonymous - United States
Today, my boyfriend returned from a 2 month internship in New York. As I saw him exit the plane, I imagined him running to me and kissing/spinning me around passionately like in movies. He got closer and closer, and as I opened my arms to embrace him, he runs past me saying, "BRB, I GOTTA TAKE A SHIT." FML
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  Ughsucks  |  0

More like, the OP is a child who expects everything to be "romantic" like the movies.

Chances are the flight was long, he didn't want to crap in the nasty bathroom. A 2 month internship is nothing. I'm regularly gone for 4-6 months and never "spin my girlfriend around" after seeing her again.

OP is an idiot... YDI

  Alex_95  |  0

So the man needs to use the toilet after a plane flight. So what? Your life isn't fucked? What the hell are you talking about? I'm surprised this was even let through. 2 months is nothing! 2 months is a bloody.. A bloody holiday for me. 2 months is like a coffee break compared to stuff MOST couples go through. Get over yourself OP.
I wouldn't be sarcastic saying "that's love" just because the man needing to relieve himself like, I dunno, 100% of the population.

  MR_OHCRAP  |  0

Wow, OP, who do you think you are? Just be thankful he didn't twirl you around and drop you on your head or something. Or take a dump in his own pants.

Also, why do you expect so much from him? I bet you fantasize or have fantasized about Zac Effron or Jonas Brothers. Fuck, they are gay cunts, learn what something called reality is. That also goes to all the girls out there. You will never find a perfect 100% partner if you are going to be like the OP.

P.S. About Zac Effron and all that shit, you females complain about porn. Fucking wow.

  wolfman2012  |  0

not sure if it got pointed out by someone else, but this is somewhat or totally untrue. due to airport security she can't be in the airplane loading area unless she has a ticket