By yessir - 01/12/2011 01:10 - United States

Today, my boyfriend rear ended a cop car because he was texting me. I was sitting next to him. FML
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You have a really dumb boyfriend.

Communication issues?


You have a really dumb boyfriend.

An* idiot, perhaps?

Sorry wrong comment

"lol chck ths out" CRASH!!

She's also stupid for not telling him to pay attention.

Ok so where is the fml in this?

Someones dating a dumbass....

Which is why I don't get why people are voting that she deserved it...

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Why would you be stupid enough to not read an FML properly before posting a stupid response. It clearly says HE was texting HER.

He's talking about the sense of the girlfriend because she probably sent him a message.

7, the rush of having one the top comments does crazy/stupid things to people. Which forces people to be uncreative or in this case, ill informed. At least its not one of those "that sucks" comments.

#7, before calling someone stupid, stop and think about what you say. He said boyfriend as obviously the OP would have been texting too. My first thought was 'but why the hell are you both texting if he's driving?'....although it could just be all him, but even so....

Thanks 51! BOTH is the magical word that would've saved us all from that pointless argument.

We really don't know how long they were texting until he lost concentration.

"He said boyfriend as obviously the OP would have been texting too." Are you all completely fucking brain dead? Point out where you think it is stated that the girl is texting at all.

45 - I see what you did there

Communication issues?

Wasn't it considered as an earjob?

Wasn't it considered as an earjob?

i dont know why but it feels like thats the womans fault

Although the boyfriend was driving, I have to agree ,she could have warned him.

Maybe she did try and he was just to dumb to care.

I would assume she would have put it in the FML if she did try to warn him

dumbass boyfriend

Seriously texting would be the last thing on my agenda if i was driving behind a police car

Touching a phone at all should be the last thing on your mind regardless of who you're driving behind.

Too right 57. I had a mate who was run down and killed by some f***tard texting on his phone while driving. People like this should not be allowed to drive. YDI OP! And i hope your boyfriend copped the biggest penslty because of it!!!!


There's a thing called your voice...he should learn to use it

But what if he suffers from mutism.

This isn't skyrim :$

47 - Your comment made me laugh in the middle of my teacher yelling at someone.

I dont understand why people feel the need to text someone whos like 3 feet away from them

Have you tried it? I do it to my friends when they're on their phone or laptop (IM) when we're doing hw and they're distracted It's pretty funny, but while driving... -_-

Because they are jackasses

I've only done it once. Person was hard of hearing and it was too noisy for me to get heard over the place.

Because they don't know how to interact any other way.

I do this when I want to say something to the person next to me but don't want anyone else in the room to hear it. Privacy, ftw!

You're still alive. Congratulations.

Were you texting him back ;)

Give the cop speical treatment and he might let you off with a warning