By el211 - 15/03/2010 07:35 - United States

Today, my boyfriend ran accidentally head-first into my face and left me with a giant black eye. My mother is convinced I had a seizure in a park somewhere and won't listen when I tell her she's wrong, and everyone else thinks my boyfriend is abusive. FML
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....what? Your mom's assumption is really...random.

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just go with it ;] lmao...and then of course tell them hes not =]

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today, I headbuttef my gf cuz she was being a Pansy ass. FML

how do you run head first into someone?

YDI for not running with him fatty!

Wow the OPs mom jumped to a completely random coclusion. Black eye=seizure in the park

You shoulda hit him in the left nut boyfreind > You

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I'm pretty sure your hidden stalker 12 year old bro is thinking, "WHAT THE **** I WAS SUPPOSED TO PUNCH HER DURING ORGASM!!!! AAAAAAAAAAH NEEEEEEEERD RAAAAAAAAAAGE" -_-

It's kirby -_- Little pink bast*rd

yeah, I really hate it when parents don't give a rat's fuck about what you say, no matter how right you are.

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Do the Dishes NOW! bitch slap ur bf is a pimp

u just got a green light for side action cuz ur mom will Never find out

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how do you accidently run into someones face???? like wow please tellme hes blind. she totally deserved it for not getting out the way

AAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S KIRBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (@50's picture)

My question is, why a park of all places?

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I have literally ran into my bf's fist >_> we were roughhousing and spinning/running around in circles at the grocery store, and when he tried to stop me by putting his arm out and hug me I ended up trying to dodge it and ran right into his fist 0_0 he bought me animal crackers after though :3

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#1 I totally agree 100% with u op do what #1 said and be happy

OP do u have epilepsy? why did ur mum think u have a sejure??

lol 73 I LOVE animal crakers!!!!

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yo stupid ass be hitin girls now huh stupid ass

That's messed up o_O How do you go from a black eye to a seizure? Haha, your mum should just believe you. Awkward next time your boyfriend is over... FYL.

You lose control while standing up and you fall face first on the ground, broken nose (sometimes) and damage to your face. Happened to a friend while he was outside.

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Dumbass, #2 was asking why her mom would randomly decide she had a seizure in a park just because she had a black eye. Not how it's possible to get a black eye from a seizure. Pay attention.

"So... What had happened was..."

oh baby. what were you two doing

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i think your doing it wrong

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that's what she said

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What WERE you and your boyfriend doing is the question. ;)

They were running into each others faces

obviously something dirtyyyyyyyyyy

....what? Your mom's assumption is really...random.

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Unless she is really paranoid and health conscious

Yeah - and my fists run into my gf's face 'by accident'...

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it happened to ME :0

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Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. I'm sorry that you feel so worthless that you think you deserve to be beaten by your boyfriend. You should get help. FML commenters can be cruel, so that won't help -- unless you're into that sort of thing;)

Yes... yes, we can be cruel. (looks around at the crowd of people with astonished looks on their faces) What? I can agree and say sensible statements every now and then.

do you really think the bf hit her? i mean on purpose? accidents like this always happen.

Seriously... I've gotten a black eye from falling out of bed, yet everyone blamed my ex... we've always gotten on well and our friends joked about it, but a few people overheard and over-reacted.

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Oh shut the fuck up. Just because someone has an accident doesn't mean she's in denial. Don't be a fucking idiot.