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Today, my boyfriend proposed to me with the prettiest, most simple ring I have ever seen. I called my sister to tell her the good news, and her response was, "I know. He had me steal the ring from Claire's." FML
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Least it wasn't a blueberry ring pop. That's what my ex used

Your family's fucked.


Your family's fucked.

californiapoppy 11

More like her (ex?) fiancee is fucked

Jordath_Fil 11

Well it was the sister that stole the ring...

soccerstar255212 8

He sounds like a keeper :)

maybe if he stole it himself... Grand theft in the name of love sounds romantic to me

From Claire's of all places?

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Forgive me for asking, but what is Claire's? I'm not sure wether if it's a very expensive jewelry store or a very cheap one.

It's a very cheap jewelry store where mostly pre-teens buy accessories. Their engagement ring-like rings are around $12.

missalice0306 19

It's a cheap jewelry shop geared towards little girls-which adds insult to the fact that the ring was stolen.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Ah, thank you. The only jewelry store I know of is Kay's. Every kiss begins with Kay!

Quite cheap....turn your finger green cheap

You can get turn your finger green rings for 100 bucks. That is cheap for an engagement ring sure but I'd expect to not have a green finger for a hundred.

Lol jk I thought Claire's was a nice store but obviously not, in that case I'm sorry OP

caysters 12

Lol. I use to love Claire's, when I was 12...

I'll admit, Claire's has cute stuff, like my favorite elephant earrings, but if I want to give someone jewelry as a gift (especially an engagement ring), I'll get it from a store with better quality.

Least it wasn't a blueberry ring pop. That's what my ex used

but those things are good!


In terms of ring pops, blue berry is 14 carrots worth of goodness.

heytrollhey 12

No wonder he's your ex.

celiiceegee 6

Honestly, if my boyfriend proposed with a ring pop it'd be cute. Granted there was an actual ring I could wear later, even if it were from Claire's. Quit being such materialistic whores.

I'd think it was kind of cute if my boyfriend did that, it's playful and original :)

Hmm thanks for the idea!

Razi_tail 25

84- it wouldn't have been as bad if he didn't 1. Steal it and 2. Had somebody else steal it for him. I could understand if that was all he could afford but if he can't afford a 15$ ring then he sure can't afford to get married.

Why is everyone focused on the ring? He proposed in between Christmas and New Years. Both jumping the gun AND missing the boat.

TxCountryBeauty 10

89- it's not that original anymore... I saw it in a movie once, which one I don't remember but it's a used idea

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Okay, before you thumbs this down into oblivion as seeing that I replied twice, I (stupidly) let my sister see my phone, and she wrote this comment. Apologies if you believe it sucks terribly, I thumbed it down myself, but I hope you do pay attention to my later comment. Cheers!

You talk too much. Shut up.

smtm2012 6

All those extra letters in rude was unnecessary.

I'm with elmo here just shut up already

Aw, thanks 43.

That jerk! I wouldn't say yes if I were you, op. A real man would steal the ring from Claire's himself.

And if he really, really loved you, he would knock over a Tiffanys.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Why do freakin jewelry stores have such names. @[email protected] is "Claire's" the cheap one, or is "Tiffany's"?

Claire's is cheap. Tiffany's is very expensive.

BriannaMGK 15

Claire's is like a kids store. Very cheap. Like $10 cheap. Tiffany's is expensive, the good stuff. What he should have bought!

Anyone who thinks Tiffany's is "the good stuff" is a moron who doesn't know how to buy diamonds. At Tiffany's, you pay for the atmosphere and the shiny lights as much as for the product; you can actually find better and more reasonably priced diamonds if you don't go through as large a retailer, and that's assuming you want a modern stone with no character which would be exactly identical to the tens of thousands of other modern stones produced in the same cut.

There's a whole lot of space between Cheapo Claire's--where he was too cheap to buy and to cowardly to steal himself--and ultra-expensive Tiffany's. That he had her sister steal the ring--risking arrest for shoplifting, for one--is indicative of a real jerk, and I hope you gave the ring back, OP.

Tiffanys is a rich girls name and Claires is a fat girls name.

My name is Claire.... ._.

The shit men does too get a girl happy.

I think you put as much effort into forming that sentence as OP's boyfriend did to buying a nice ring.

I didn't mean it in a bad way. Besides it said the sister stoled it he didn't bought it.

She's saying that your grammar is horrible

yeah 21, lighten up. the sister obviously stoled it, he didn't bought it.

I hate when people say Stoled, does that sound like a fucking word?!

67 - Maybe if you're three.

Dancer_143 4

60- Do* to*

TheManager 6

Damn, you guys are brutal

Welcome to FML, 111. "O'er the laaaaand of the MEAAAAN! And the hooooooooomeeeeee of the GRAMMAR NAZIIIISSSS!"

Reason why people have fml's cause they get brutally bashed on.

Hey as long as op is happy. That's all that matters. Congratulations.

You, sir, are correct but other people dont care about that, they care about causing drama for their own entertainment and its sick, i agree with you wholeheartedly, if shes happy then thats all that matters

Yes, but she's obviously not happy with it or she wouldn't be posting it on FML, would she?

chell1894 13

Yeah I mean I didn't care how much my fiancé paid for my engagement ring but if he stole it well not even stole, if he had my sister steal it I would not have been happy. And also if he can't afford a 8 dollar ring from Claire's maybe he should think about getting his finances figured out and a better job before getting engaged. Week gas don't have to be expensive but they cost at least a little bit of money.

He could've at least tried Argos!

BookWorm13 3

He sounds lovely

Sorry for being off topic but, go divergent! (:

I love your profile picture!

BookWorm13 3

Thanks and I know it's one of my all time favourites.

That really sucks, sorry