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Today, my boyfriend of two years accidentally admitted to me that he settled for me because he doesn't think he can do any better. FML
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Tell him you settled for him because you felt sorry for him.

perdix 29

Quit being such a desperate suck-up trying to get laid! Lots of women (and even more men) are ugly as hell! It's a miracle that the human race manages to grow, and I think we have alcohol to thank/blame for that.


what a douche ! he shouldn't have to 'settle'. sorry ):

Dump that loser. You deserve better OP.

Dumping. The solution to every FML relationship problem.

If he thinks you are 'the best he can get' that's not even a settle, is it? If she's the best he can get, and he's got her... He's lucky!

That doesn't mean your no good... He says that he can't do any better because you're already at a high level. (hoping that I wasn't confusing...)

I have no idea how this is a bad thing. He thinks he got the best that he can and he is satisfied with you. Thats all you can really hope for in a relationship isn't it, getting the best you can.

If he wouldn't have said "settled" it would have been sweet like that.

this is not an fml, obviously OP's boyfriend thinks she is so amazing that he couldn't ever possibly think of being with someone else (:

The way she has worded it makes it sound really bad, but you could also look at it this way; if he claimed he can't do any better than her, that means she's the best thing he's ever had and will ever have. I think this has been looked at way too negatively, but it's actually a compliment.

jacob4592 0

You were clear:-)

Exactly! Leave it to a woman to turn 'I can't get any better than you' into an insult

Tell him you settled for him because you felt sorry for him.

I bet this is how it went down: Boy - *tries to be romantic* "I couldn't have done any better than you" OP - "Wait, so you settled? You asshole!" Boy - "No, that's not what I meant, I meant that you're the best--" OP - "Go away! I hate you!" At least that's the image I get in my head when OP says 'accidentally'. It's probably just a misunderstanding on OP's part and bad word choices on the boyfriend's part.

Classic women over reaction.

Thank you for that! Honestly. And I don't care if I get thumbed down I just want to let you know.

BikeAllDay818 6

That's not even what I meant. My gf(maybe ex now) didn't get what I tried to tell her. I didn't even word it how she did either. And this wasn't even today it was like 3 days ago. Ugh I'm so annoyed. -___-

OP dejected, OP disresprcted, romantic complications are expected.

But on a serious note ALL women are beautiful no matter what anyone says. You deserve better than that OP!!

perdix 29

Quit being such a desperate suck-up trying to get laid! Lots of women (and even more men) are ugly as hell! It's a miracle that the human race manages to grow, and I think we have alcohol to thank/blame for that.

Schizomaniac 24

Perdix bashing someone for trying to get laid. Lawl.

perdix 29

#47, Hell, yeah. And when I find someone doing it so clumsily and obviously, I have to point it out so he doesn't ruin it for the rest of us creepers ;)

"All women are beautiful"? Bro I've seen stuff I'd like to forget :s trust me not all women are beautiful haha on the inside or outside

I like how everyone always says things like "you deserve better than that" on FML. How do you know? What if OP is a total bitch?

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Thats what my wife would have said if I said what he said EDIT: this is in response to comment 2

perdix 29

Gosh, usually guys can keep that secret until a few years into the marriage. He must be a real loser. You should emphasize that you are the ONLY woman standing between him and a dreary life of cold solitude. If you sell that well, I see a future full of diamonds, cars and stainless steel kitchen appliances for you :D

It said boyfriend. And I am 100% sure that after his comment there will be no marriage.

perdix 29

I read it correctly. I'm saying that most guys can hold this thought in all through the courtship and a few years into the marriage. This schmuck gave up the ghost way too soon. Now, the dreary solitude begins.

amateur mistake

Oh, sorry my bad. I obviously can't read. XP

I can't help think of skyrim when I see solitude...

But on serious note ALL women are a beautiful no matter what anyone says. You're worth more than that!

Well said #9

Don't know about that... I've met some damn hideous women.

constipatedlady 0

Yes, and what about Lady Gaga? All women are beautiful? What a stupid thing to say.

perdix 29

She was born that way ;)

bros>Lady gaga>hoes

Awe making my day over here!!

All women are beautiful some are just more beautiful than others.

Disagree , not all women are beautiful. That's bullshit that ugly people say, to make themselves feel better :) Go on google type "ugly woman" then tell me if all women are still "beautiful" -___-

How is 36 and 90 getting thumbed up?

lrgenesis 19

I agree with 9. All women are beautiful. Whether it's inside, outside, or like 90 said with some being more beautiful, both. There is such thing as inner beauty, and that's what tends to matter most as strange as that may sound to other guys out there. I know that I personally find inner beauty way more important than outer beauty, even though I'm a guy. Anyone who truly believes not all women are beautiful are ignorant and closed-minded.

raspberryboo 10

#17 if i could like ur comment i would lol u r not lyin

g_ayvel 11

Well that's just rude,op you can do better

Well you can do better - you shouldn't be second best

Second best to what? Who is the first best. I think that it was clearly stated that the OP was the best.

Dump him! You shouldn't have to settle for a jerk

lrgenesis 19

Agreed. I'm sure that OP is very beautiful in her own way just like all other girls, and she deserves someone who can see her beauty!