By nosymptoms - / Friday 10 February 2012 00:09 / United States
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  HahaHokayThen  |  10

Better hope it's not herpes? So HIV, chlamydia, syphilis, gonnorhea (sp?), HPV, hepatitis, crabs & numerous others are cotton candy compared to herpes? I'd rather have a few warts than or a cold sore rather than a life threatening incurable STD like HIV

  agm77  |  9

13, she said her boyfriend was worried about giving her something from a previous partner, so I'm assuming they are monogamous. In which case OP would not be giving it to other unsuspecting partners. Then it would be a whole different FML.

  emvictoria  |  9

Always use condoms!! You and a new partner should always get tested before doing anything sexual with out protection. Who knows what anyone could have these days.

  idoam  |  8

Sorry, 56, but condoms really aren't that effective with a majority of STD's. The only real, guaranteed way to avoid contraction is to not sleep with someone who's infected. In her case, she'll just have to hope. Even if the boyfriend tests negative, some STD's take years to show up. Good luck, OP.

  bettyboop428  |  24

70-Everything shows up *eventually*. Some STIs cannot be found immediately (how long it takes varies depending on the STI) and HPV is not even tested for unless it shows symptoms because it is so common.

  desireev  |  17

70- All STDs will show up eventually. Things like AIDS or HIV or even Herpes can take anywhere from 6 months to 30 years to show up on a test. Non-terminal diseases take anywhere from a month to 3 years to show up on a test. But everybody is different. Test results vary.
But no, not everything shows up on a test instantly. Like I said, it can span out to a matter of 30 years. People just need to be careful..


61- I think you may need to do more research before giving out info. Condoms are not perfect protection from herpes, and do nothing for crabs, but long as you use them correctly they DO protect against HIV, syphilis, etc. They also greatly lessen your chance of contracting herpes. That said, it sounds like op didn't use a condom so yeah... They have a much higher risk of having caught something from their bf

  Marcelb  |  17

Of course. He's a guy, so your first instinct should always be "he cheated". Right?

Obviously he IS an ass for saying he wants to be tested for STD's after having sex with her though.

  old09  |  11

I was looking for this exact comment
I mean C'mon you two have only been together three months and you're NOT using protection?
I mean it's 2012, you just never know what's out there

  idoam  |  8

76, read a condom box if you don't believe me.

101, I'm saying that wearing a condom doesn't preclude the possibility of contracting a disease.


Uhh unless you are doing it wrong, condoms DO protect from HIV/aids. The HIV virus is spread via body fluid through a cut in the body. This is why it's more common in gay men because anal sex results in more small tears then vaginal sex. Condoms stop the fluid from coming in contact with the body, so short of the rare occurrence a condom breaks, they will protect you from most stds- including HIV.


Amen! I'd never have unprotected sex with a partner until we had both gone and got tested for stds. It's common sense. If op has only been with bf a short time, never asked about getting tested and didn't use a condom? They should of known better

  HannahWho  |  8

In this case I have to say Op should have been more careful with who she slept with. I always make sure I see medical records before I sleep with someone. It might seem over the top but I get checked every six months since my sister came down with HIV three years ago. I am clean, and the people I sleep with have to prove they are before we have sex. It might not prevent all STI's since some stuff can slip through the cracks but I am not sleeping with someone who has herpes. She should have been proactive and not just "trusted" him about things like that.

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