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Today, my boyfriend of over a year told me that he will never marry me because we are different ethnicities and his parents don't approve. I was of course very upset and crying. His way to comfort me was by saying, "Don't worry, I will always cheat on my wife with you." FML
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GET OUT, CHEAT ON HIS WIFE? POOR WOMAN THAT MARRIES HIM! Find someone who isnt attachted at the umbilical cord to their racist parents and will marry you despite what people think



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Which one of Tiger's mistress' are you? #10? #20? #150?

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I was a different race once.

how do u know? O_o

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f you're not good enough to be his wife then you're not good enough to be his side piece. You're a beautiful, intelligent young lady who has a lot to offer. Kick his dumb ass to the curb and his ignant ass parents can eat your shit!!

How do you know she's beautiful and intelligent? She could be 900 lbs and have an IQ of 12.

haha love it least he likes u enough to cheat on his wife with you!

Yeah agreed.... If he really really really loved you he'd do anything for you and wouldn't care about what race you are. He's probably just looking for some dumb excuse to get out of the relationship because he's too chicken and doesn't deserve you.

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Should be glad you found out now...a year isn't too bad. It will be a bad memory though.

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he's an asshole!

How is is he the asshole? He is trying to comfort her... He may not be the brightest person but he is trying...

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#189: He's an asshole because he's saying she's not good enough for him to marry but she's good enough to be a side piece of ass.

No that's not what he's saying. He's saying he comes from a culture where people marry others of the same creed. He also is saying that he respects his parents wishes. To say he doesn't have respect for his girlfriend from that is a bit far fetched...

Are you serious #199? Both him and his parents are blatantly racist. Let's call this what it is, not accepting interracial relationships is racist, whether the reason is cultural or otherwise. He'd also rather sacrifice his and his gf's happiness in favour of his parents' outdated and archaic traditions, he puts his parents' idiocy over his gf. That's just plain disrespectful to her, some parents' wishes don't deserve respect. He also sees no problem corrupting his marriage and telling his gf she's only good enough for sex and being the side chick. This guy not only has no respect for his current gf, he has no respect for women or relationships in general.

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that's hot

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Yes. Because cheating on your future wife with your current girlfriend is so "hot"

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His parents should approve of him being happy above all else. If you make him happy, then they need to respect that. But do you really want someone who would be willing to cheat, because if he could do that to someone else, he could also do it to you.

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Lol. His Mistress Count is now up to how many women? And please STFU, #10. It's not racist to say that Tiger Woods would say "I'd always cheat on my wife with you". Race wasn't even mentioned. A durrrrrrrrr....

agreed dump his sorry ass

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GET OUT, CHEAT ON HIS WIFE? POOR WOMAN THAT MARRIES HIM! Find someone who isnt attachted at the umbilical cord to their racist parents and will marry you despite what people think

All of my relationships were interracial, and only in one of them, his grandmother didn't approve. He is a Japanese national, and in America on a student visa. So his grandmother was in Japan and still traditional. When he told me how his grandmother felt, I cried. Because she had treated me so well and nicely so I truly had no idea. But REGARDLESS, he wanted to stay with me thick and thin. He was deeply in love and wouldn't let anything get in his way. With your guy behaving the way he is, trust me, he's not the one for you. Either he's a lowlife, or his family is extremely important to him. Regardless, you do not need him.

That's a disgusting comment. Not only is it offensive, but it is very racist and pretty much plays to stereotypes of both races. I recommend that you get out of your bubble and learn how NOT to be so ignorant.

Oh, and I forgot to add in my original comment that I am fluent in Japanese and have been to Japan several times, one of which I met his family for the first time. Who were amazingly loving and kind to me. While in Japan, that's when my ex-boyfriend told me how his grandmother felt.

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lmao cupffin. It's always nice to be beaten less than others.

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Rule the world by making low quality merchandise in sweat shops?

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tell me y the same thing happened to me,im mexican and the part of mexico im from has alot of asian immigrants and i hooked up japanese girl who spoke perfect spanish so i tried to speak some japansese(mainly words i hear on anime) and her grandpappy does not approve of me bcuz of the whole cartel thing thats goin on,he thinks ima kill her or somthim

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What a lame a$$ excuse, what year are we living in? Dump him now!