By independence - 07/07/2011 04:04 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend of four years broke up with me because he wanted some independence. He moved back into his parents house. FML
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Sounds like you're better off without him anyway.

was it on July 4th?


Sounds like you're better off without him anyway.

Good riddens. If you're over 18 & still want to live at home with mommy & daddy cause it's easier having mommy wipe your ass & do your laundry then you're not responsible enough to have a girlfriend. OP, you're better off.

No no no, you didn't understand... He said he wanted to be IN DEPENDENCE of his parents.

What a loser, you deserve better.

he must be an asshole. i say go find someone better with a real penis.

*actual penis.

to me it sounds like she's too controlling, even if she isnt, where would he stay? moving back in with your parents while you find/get enough money for a house seems like the smartest thing to do

Yeah, I voted YDI. Using my powers of logical deduction, I determined that OP must be an insufferable bitch.

he tellin u lies bbygirl....u can find better im suree

was it on July 4th?

She's in Australia, July 4th isn't there independence day.

Oops, I meant their.

Does it matter?

31, yes it does matter. Just like me saying something about Australia Day on an event in America. Just doesn't fit.

Maybe the exbf is American? He wanted independence on the same day as his country.

The likelihood of that?

even if she lived here it would still be a no

Who gives a crap it was on 7 July any way

what is this nonsense

This is Blasphamy!!!! No... THIS. IS.SPARTAAAAAAA " *kicks down into a trench*

Well you don't need someone like that, now your independent! But I know break ups do hurt :(

His idea of indepence is locked in his room playing WoW day and night.

40-admitting is the first step buddy

it's sad when the boy's parents make him feel more independent than his girlfriend.

what it sounds like to me is that you did not make him enough sandwiches, so he had to go someplace that will

I bet he quit his job too. *rolleyes*

he obviously couldn't think of a better excuse. just be glad he's gone.