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By  misstessaelice  |  5

you don't deserve that. I would leave him.

  your_face  |  15

But they didn't move in together at 11 months. They moved in at some earlier time, and are now regretting it. Hence, why it was too soon for them. You need to make sure the two of you are going to last before you make a commitment like moving in together.

By  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

Move out anyway. He pulled the asshole move of insisting that you don't move out even after he broke up with you, so I'd say he doesn't deserve your sympathy or your charity at this point.

By  my_user_name  |  7

That does suck, but you kind of deserve it for moving in together when you had been dating for less than a year. Hopefully your name isn't on the lease so you can tell him to deal with his own rent problems. I don't think there's any way you can live with your ex and make it work.

  ktrose  |  0

Lmfao. I just try picturing this situation and I can't imagine how her life would be fucked. Her boyfriend dumped her, yes that sucks but I don`t see the "FML" in it.