By stunned - 15/03/2010 15:27 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of almost a year and a half broke up with me when he decided he wasn't in love with me anymore. We gave our stuff back, he was joking and happy the whole time until I told him I was taking back my cat. At that point he burst into tears. FML
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At least you're not with him anymore.


no, f the cat's life

what a pussy (the cat)

He loves the cat more than he loves u.

Sorry I mean loves. Need to correct myself before people starts correct my grammar. lol

lol like snickerdoodles would.

ha, did he try to bribe you?

if he really loves the cat then it's not that suprising.

aww. that's sadd. you should give him the cat back): I feel bad when guys cry.

It always comes down to /who gets the kids?/!

haha u were unloved he probaly only dated u cause he loved the cat

He cheated on the OP.... with the cat XD

#7 is very observant. I never would have been able to figure that out on my own.

he only wanted your pussy?

so how is that a fml for you?

fhl. cats are great. if i had to give mine away i would be sad too

fhl indeed poor little fella. :(

u monster taking back the cat think of the kitty!!!!

fcl cuz the cat has to choose between u two

You aren't a monster! It's your cat... he's the one that broke up with you!! You need the cat to console you and cheer you up. Let him have a broken heart over the cat.

Lol @ #56! that's what I was thinking!

no offence butcha look a wee bit like a nerdy justin beiber

well... at least he was truthful. be happy. your cat is awesome apparently! :D

#103's pic made me salivate and crave Outback >_>

lol agreed #111 and fhl for losing the cat!

you should find out how many cats are destroyed at the humane society daily, and use it as an argument for him to go get his own cat. tell him to think about how many cats, not dissimilar to your own, are put to death everyday.

I no what a punk ass white boy Fucker needs to grow a pair fuck that chick to fuck um

The man likes your pussy

ydi for not giving him the pussy and I'm not talkin bout the cat

i wouldnt let him keep MY cat. hah, esp. if he cried about it. that just aint me.

be jealous of my awesome taste :D lol

how dare you take the cat... ydi

he broke up because he's GAY, explains teh cat- crying part

yep #7, that's completley true

trading up on pussys

He broke up with u to go after the cat

um.. pageatsflesh.. why would she give him the cat when it's her cat ? u said she should give it BACK to him, but it was never his, it's her pet..

i would of done the same if it was a doggy

lol he deaserved it

Sucky situation there.

At least you're not with him anymore.

True... But this sort of thing happens all the time. The cat has obviously been staying with him since she's "taking it back", so he's had a year and a half to bond with it. F(his)L for losing something he had a real bond with... And that doesn't make him a loser, I know lots of guys that would be upset if someone took their dog, he just happens to be a cat person.

He sounds like he'd have stayed with you just for that cat, so FHM... Not really FYL, people break up all the time and the person who breaks it off generally doesn't feel bad immediately (if ever), so it's normal.

I have to agree with #50. How petty do you have to be to take away someone's cat? (note that this isn't like taking someone's favorite painting or stuffed animal, cats form very strong attachments!)

I read one like this but she was moving away for collage and her dad only cried when she took the cat

pussy bitch of a guy

Just let him keep it, I'm sure that's all the pussy he will ever get :)

perhaps the problem is in you

it was probably in her...alot...but then she broke up with it. FYL OP.

OP, please tell where in Ohio this happend, it sounds like a story ive heared from a friend! I live in Ohio

fyl 15 Ohio is gross

Awww! What a Pansy!!! But I'm not gonna lie. I'd be devistated if my puppy got taken from me