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Today, my boyfriend of a year dumped me. In my opinion, the relationship was going so well and I really thought we loved each other. When I asked why, he told me he never loved me. He just wanted to get in my pants which after a year of refusing, he finally did. FML
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Wow...He is the most DETERMINED guy I've ever heard of.

FYLDeep 25

Just once? I would have thought he would have ridden that wave a little longer.


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in responce to your comment I say... FIRST!! jk. OP, that is pretty crappy. I guess..

YDI for waiting a whole year to give it up. you can be sure HE wasn't holding out that long. like I've said before, if YOU won't, someone else WILL. congratulations, you are the very definition of a **** punt

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lol give him a high 5 for me

@mitch707 - Well why wouldn't she think that? If a guy sticks it out for that long it usually means that they're in it for more than sex, because most guys would not wait that long if that's ALL they were interested in. Though I do agree that she might've been able to tell if that's all he cared about, but you never know, he might've been very good at hiding it 'cause he knew she wouldn't have sex with him unless she thought there was something in the relationship.

#72 how do u even know how ur relationship is going if u don't try having sex which obviously changes alot in a relationship plus op ydi coz u just wasted a year of ur life for being too confident

You have friends? Alice, Peter, and Shilo hanging out with you in imaginationland don't count as friends you uptight, conservative prude. I'm not advocating whoring yourself around town; but seriously, casual sex isn't to be scorned. It's ****** 2010, wake up pussy.

Wise one, you are.

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I agree

I'm going to have to agree with dobbypop. who cares if she wanted to wait? you all are a bunch of lowlife sick ***** for bitching out the OP for not having sex. not everyone wants to have sex and a relationship can still be healthy for couples who prefer to wait. congratulations that your dick is bigger than your brain

@Joey7361 - because it's not all about sex? I know that might be a difficult concept for you to grasp, but there are other things. I'm not saying it's not a factor, but it's nowhere near everything to a relationship. This is why communication was invented, so that you can tell how well it's going.

Is that why communication was invented?

Maybe not, but I imagine it was, but either way it's a damn good application of it. (for clarification, in my original post when i said "it" with regards to communication I meant the relationship)

Oh ok, 'cause I thought communication was ingrained in human nature to make it easier for humans to understand each other, and thus continuing our species. But now i realize that it was invented :o)

Well I guess it depends on what we are calling communication, I was using it to refer to a common language, and that was therefore invented. If you're using it to include all kinds of things like nods, pointing, gesturing etc then yes, you're right and it's more of an ingrained thing.

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Agreed. Its no big deal

I totally agree with you #81, people are pathetic.

dance_till_dawn 0 are a HUGE douche!

ok WTF? there are some people who wait till marrige there is nothing at all wrong with waiting for the right person

are you a supermodel dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with cocaine? just trying to figure out why he'd wait a whole year just to sleep with you.

you made him wait a year??? it is impossible to love anyone that cruel!

arichan_fml 0

ydi for having sex out of marriage. you NEVER let a boy into your pants unless the ring is on your finger. and as for those of you who say she deserves it because she waited, screw you all.

UbeenKAKed 0

Haha. 1 point Bro_namath..... 0 points to where's waldo's wife!!

i would have to agree with you. plus nobody seems to be thinking op could be a young teemager

you guys are ******* distaceful jesus, u guys are judging a girl because she let him in her pants, it was a year most people dont even wait past the first month for sex, she said the relationship was going well she trusted her and he took advantage, and u guys are calling her ***** for waiting, i like to point out no one in this comment section doesnt call out the guy no insults torwards this guy but the girl gets all the shit for, this just shows the sexism of todays society.

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dam he really wanted to get in your pants if he waited that long and idea for playing hard to get..... bitch

Aussieprincess 7

yeah that's right... she's the bitch WTF?

zac12345 0

I don't like this aussieprincesses

she isn't a bitch I love a girl that plays hard to get

zac12345 0

minus the extra es, dang Nazis 

FYLDeep 25

Just once? I would have thought he would have ridden that wave a little longer.

No doubt, especially after waiting a year!

That always sucks:( Stay strong, girl. There's always gonna be men like that out there.

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I think if she sucked it up there wouldn't have been an issue. hyuck hyuck

fualignment 0

31 is full of win

Suck it up? Could you honestly say if you were in the OP's situation it wouldn't sting a bit?

he was not honest - there's a year's worth of lying there - being 'honest' after the fact doesn't count. lol. @OP - YDI big time for giving it up. Now you're used goods. You've been fooled by a fool. :/

grafixxx687 0

definitely wud!!! so sorry OP

what kind of advice is that.. I'm sure your alone

wow , why wait for so long if he only wanted to get in ur pants , he could have just gotten it somewhere else . is he poor or ugly??? fyl

I get the ugly bit, but why would being poor have an effect on your sex life? Have you ever seen Maury, Jerry Springer or similar shows? Most of their guests don't have a dollar to their name and yet seem to have some of the richest sex lives in America.

maybe he's been getting it from everywhere else, she's prob a trophy?

mangoboy1 19

Because he likes to finish what he started and he has a lot of percevierance (excuse my spelling)

for the record.. most men will do almost anything to get inside a girl, but spending a year with you is a lot of patience.. OP fails for not seeing the signs for a year though.

Exactly what I was thinking. A whole year of refusing...she shoulda noticed wht he was after

MsNeverSingle 0

shit happens...that's y u shud wait til ure married so he'll b stuck...WTF am I kiddin?! sex is great! lol

That's why you should go back to school.

Wow...He is the most DETERMINED guy I've ever heard of.