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Normally I hate that cliche line, but, he WAS honest... I'm confused about how I should feel.

It sounds like you both have horrible taste.


What a douche bag, I'm sorry. His loss, your gain.

Yeah maybe it's a good thing you're not together anymore.

You never know. Perhaps he was right and the girlfriend was in fact a bitch. He still said it in a douchey way though so they are probably both assholes.

So... If you cheat you're an asshole, if you're honest you're an asshole. Because fuck logics?

41- well if he didn't say it in such an assholish manner I'm sure no one would call him out on it. It's not really a damned if you do, damned if you don't thing. He said it very rudely.

41, the when it comes to what OP's ex said and cheating they have one major thing in common: they don't take other people's feelings into account. That's what makes someone a jackass. Decent people at least make an attempt to be considerate.

41 fuck logic ? Because having a relationship during one year with a girl you find ugly makes sense ?

Well that's not exactly what I wanted to say, I accidentaly hit the send button and then got 40 seconds to edit my comment (panic). By taste he wasn't necessarily talking about beauty I know. Either way it doesn't make sense, and such 'honesty' was not necessary for op to hear.

Have to agree about the part that he said it in a rude way. But yeah, still better than cheating I guess?

Normally I hate that cliche line, but, he WAS honest... I'm confused about how I should feel.

I guess honesty isn't always the best policy.

Well he could have been less of an arse about it, jeez! Talk about crushing someones self esteem!

I definitely agree he could have been more tactful, but I think I'd rather someone be honest with me versus them feeding me a bunch of BS, you know?

Yeah I know what you mean :) in either case it's not nice getting dumped :/

I think the problem was the "I have terrible taste in women" not the "it's not you, it's me". By adding that last part he basically said, "It's not your fault that you were a bad decision."

Am I the only one who reads that last line as "There's absolutely nothing wrong with you, its just me who has bad taste in women, and I am therefore breaking up with you"?

#60 - the post implies that OP was dumped because her ex-boyfriend chose the wrong person (i.e. OP) due to his bad taste in women. However, I guess it could also be seen as OP getting dumped because she's too good in some way and OP's boyfriend wants someone "worse" to be his girlfriend.

Am I the only person that thinks her ex is being treated unfairly, sometimes people are broken up with because they're acting like assholes. Maybe she had been acting like a bitch so he just came up with a hilarious way of dumping her.

75, if you are going to break someone's heart, regardless of how they are acting, it should be done with maturity. People's emotions are not toys.

You took the words right off of my keyboard...

Well, that was a backhanded insult. You're better off without him.

If I was her I would of Backhanded him

If anyones seen the Rhett & Link break up song... "its not you it's me, And me don't like you..."

It sounds like you both have horrible taste.

"yeah you do. you picked a woman you didn't deserve all that time"

Mean Guy. But smart thinking tho.

Wow what an original comeback. Did you think of it on your own?

Oh, just punch him and be done with it!

Yeah of course, because violence would certainly be the logical solution to this problem.

Wow, harsh. FYL.

Roll your eyes and walk away. Act like you don't even care, because he sure as hell doesn't deserve to feel wanted by anyone. What an ass..

Acting like you don't care is just pathetic.. And most people see right through it.

Actually it is. Why do you think Indians neglect people as a punishment from their tribes? It's because it's a very severe punishment - it affects people mentally, feeling alone and unwanted is terrible. Sure as hell more mature than punching him in the groin, and he won't be able to tell his friends: "Well, this is proves what a stupid bitch she is", if she tries to make up some lame comeback. That's what I would do anyway. He isn't worth more than that

#28 - True, it depends what kind of person she is, and how much she love(d) him. She'll be able to pull if off if they weren't too close. But if they really were that close and he said this to her.. wow :/

Edit: Did not see the "being together a year" part. Well then yeah, this doesn't work. Who would say this after a year anyway. What a fucking idiot, show some respect for the woman who put up with you for this long..

That is true if the people care if you are around. If not it is exactly what they want and makes you look like a tool.