By JFo - / Wednesday 2 January 2019 12:00 /
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By  Ledzepisrovering  |  2

My boyfriend of 3.5 years broke up with me a few days after Christmas. Then he called me the morning of New Years starting with "I am asshole of the year, I hurt the girl I care about." I thought it was to apologise but nope, it was to let me know that he's been dating somebody for a week and he kissed another girl instead of her the night before. I wanted to cry but instead I gathered all of his pictures and clothing, threw it in my job's compactor, then went and worked out for an hour. They're not worth it. It hurts but get over it. You will meet somebody much better later on. Return the gift or keep it for yourself. I work in apartments and according to our leases, you can buy out by paying 2 months rent. check with your apartment and either buy out of it (even though a lot up front, it will save you money in the long run) or move out and have somebody else take your spot - but don't sublease because it can ruin your rental history. Once again, it might be the worse feeling right now but it will all be fine later on

  Quasita  |  24

Your story reminds me of the time one of my exes disappeared from life, then called and left me a message in tears, begging me to call him as soon as I got out of class (I was in college at the time). I thought something terrible had happened, like his mom had died or something, because he had just spent time with family for Easter.
I finally get ahold of him and he tells me he had disappeared to go spend the week with his ex before me, where the spent the week on her family's farm, having sex and being cozy or whatever... and he proclaimed his love for her, and proposed to her with the ring he'd bought her before she left him.

She said no.

He was calling me in tears to ask me to feel bad for him for being rejected. I was absolutely incredulous and to this day, I cannot believe that dude thought that it was no big deal to ask your current girlfriend to console you for your attempts to step out on her with another woman failing so miserably.

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