By WoofWoof - United States
Today, my boyfriend of 6 months called me. He said his mom was making him choose between having a dog or having a girlfriend. I asked him which one he picked. He was quiet, I heard barking in the background. FML
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  Bloodrush  |  0

editing first comment for the loss...when are people gonna stop caring who is first on a comments section of a ridiculous website...there is also a reason why dogs are man's best friend....

  incidnia  |  15

Op didn't give a lot of information, did her boyfriend already have the dog before they were together ? Or did his mom say he could have a dog if he dumped her ? If he already had the dog, I totally understand and would have done the same. If it's the later, that just sucks and he wasn't worth it anyways..

By  chicken_lover  |  2

haha that's kind of funny.
agreed with 2.
that sucks for you, but dogs are awesome. dogs love their owners forever no matter what. you only get that with one person, usually. so his mom made him choose which means you two are young and his mom dislikes you. so you have plenty of time to find someone that you can buy a dog with. :)
unless you don't like or are allergic to dogs. haha

By  MikeStern  |  1

If his mother can force him to break up with his girlfriend he must not be very old, and therefore you musn't be very old, a relationship between people that young couldn't last...