By Mamasboyhater - 15/06/2010 09:50 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me because his mom told him to. FML
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Monster - in - law. 

sounds like you're better off without him...


dinorawrous 0


like my mom always says litsen to your mommy!

maybe it's cuz you're a whiny bitch?

dinorawrous 0

lmaoo , at 4 ;)

ouch that sux. does he live in ur basement??

MrCalves 1

yeah I doubt it was just because his mom told him too

oh my god, your boyfriend must've been a big loser, OP. its a good thing you two broke up.

ozkalukaas 0

inlaws suck ass

can't compete with mama, move on 

Mothers know best. My logic is undeniable.

#4 marinus wow your an ass you dont even know if this chick is fucking whiny this is called fml for a reason you dumb ass ne way listening to his mother when hes 25 wtf lol he sounds really dumb you can probaly do alot bettter i hope you dont get another mommas boy

#29 I did say maybe?

32 what are you?

vlovesp 0

maybe that was the only excuse he could come up with to break up with you? fyl

dudeitsdanny 9

I don't think it necessarily makes him a momma's boy. Some people are close to their families and maybe no one in his approves. Of course, some people stand up to their parents, soooo... He's still an idiot. My girlfriend's mom has been telling her to leave me for almost a year ^^;;

he'll of a beer gut you got going on 32(Cody)

#42 no that makes him a mammas boy i mean hes 25 cut the freaking cord allready if someone lets there parents control there love lifes wow i pity them

OP I want to dump you and I've never even dated you. Doesn't always take a mom to see a dead end.

FYL for having such a monster in law...!

thus is what girls look like that play xbox and all the pathetic guys hit on

emilyyyy123 0

stop tryin to pick a fight this is fml. don't get your Panties in a wad wolf chick.

if it bleeds we can kill it

catsareahmazing 0

Cody, I have to say that's not true. my friend sydneys obsessed with cod3 and she's one of the nicest looking chicks i've seen:p you must live in America.

raymel 5

at least he has a back bone! oh wait...

s2000lover 0

I married against my families wished, it caused so much tension it ended in divorce. it's probably best that this happened. I'm not trying to be a jerk, just speaking from experience.

EllyH 0

And you belived him?! This is probobly just an excuse..


Always love your mother.... you'll never have another

Okay I'd say there's two possibilities here: Either he's completely controlled by his mom, or he was just using that as an excuse for being too cowardly to tell you the real reason. In either case you're better off. If it's the first possibility that control would have carried on into your marriage I can completely guarantee which would lead to all kinds of problems as she would try to run your lives. If it's the latter then you're still better off, cause someone who's too cowardly to be honest with the person they're seeing (even if it's honest about a breakup) then they are not ready or deserving of a relationship. Sorry to hear about this, after four years that's got to be really hard to face, but just remember that in the long run you're better off with a man who has grown up enough to be independent from his parents and is strong enough to be honest with you.

ducky514 0

haha this cracked me up :P ^

71 is that you in the pic?

ducky514 0

awee my comment got transported. it was meant for 63 :( oh well :)

bros before hoes?

ur pic is.... odd cody1992

i hate it when people over-use swears to make themselves appear more grown up and adult like. example- you bitchy dick-head, fuck your mothers ass i hate your fucking bitchiness. How intelligent do you think that makes you sound?

gingernator 0

82,EPIC WIN!!!

is it me or does cody look like the marshmellow puff guy from ghost busters

iSwag 0

cody1992...your display pic...WTF?

erikjh1234 0

mom's always right!!!

loved body must be huge

I don't care how old ya are, momma is ALWAYS right

tsc32 2

hmm that chick has a very nice tattoo

lol #48 is right xD, hmm but i wonder if he atleast gets to get breastfeeded from his mom :X that's only fair.

ThatCrazyMike 0

maybe thats the only excuse he had left guys run out of break up lines oh well tho find a bettr mature bf its an fml its an oppurtunity

She said she was going to quit breast feeding him if he didn't.

monicalynn 0

hahahhaha 137. weak!

Momma knows best.

i know how that feels.

There is nothing wrong with cod(:

I think 29 is the whiny bitch in the fml.

how hot is his mom?

iSwag 0

142 that is a beautiful it yours?

ZoroFresh 0

why is it that bitches always date those losers?

is his name anthoney festo

ughmoments 0

been there

its ok to listen to your mom on somethings but on others she should just mind her own business and let him worry about his own relationship

scoutzoey 3

where did the pic come from

well.... that sucks.

He's obviously a momma's boy but still nobody listens to their parents anymore

Except you.....I guess lol

I'm sure um not the only one :)

emilyyyy123 0

yourrrr sexyyyyty

marinus happy birthday, it's today right? on a side note everyone listens to their parents..

who doesn't listen to their parents?

I don't, then again I don't really listen to anyone haha

I listen to my parents most of the time(:

SaturnE_fml 0

Young,Loud and Snotty. Be proud!

I think you could find someone bettter than a mommas boy

Yeah, but would you wanna live the rest of your life with a mom getting on to you everyday of your life about how your wife sucks?? If he loved her, yes, he should stay, but more than likely he didn't really "love" her

TrueRaiderFan22 0

mabey. that's his excuse

shelbywelby23 0

maybe he just wants to respect his mothers wishes. would u want a motherinlaw who hates u

Monster - in - law. 

well at least you won't be stuck with a mother-in-law who doesn't like you, because those are fun. so since you're single.... a/s/l

love0128 5

Wow! sounds like my ex who did everything his mom tld him to too. He's 21.