By Anonymous - 26/12/2011 01:28 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 4 years asked my dad if he could marry me, and my dad agreed. He then tells me that he's not going to propose for maybe another year at least, he "just wanted to get that out of the way." FML
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Always thinking ahead!

arcticdoctorwho 0

He plans ahead. You're lucky.


Always thinking ahead!

definitely not a procrastinator..

Maybe he was trying to get her not to expect it so it'll still be a semi surprise if it happens in the near future....or I'm just being too optimistic

Well, he's doing better than Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights. Better early than after you asked the girl.

At least he's planning on marrying you. Don't complain. And at least your father is still alive for him to ask... :( mines not.

Raybundles 5

He must be a clever chess player

if someone posted "today nobody remembered my birthday, so when my parents called i told them. They didn't remember either. FML" or something, how would they feel if like when they got home, their parents were playing a trick on em ahah. People need to wait before posting fmls to make sure it's not part of a much bigger scheme.

n_epic_fail 14

So you get one more year of freedom, still get to keep the boyfriend and don't have to worry about your father saying no... I call that a WIN

Maybe he meant that he will propose next year, meaning January 1st perhaps

asoptavlo14 6

And #33 need to learn to look at the fml he is posting on

lindseykcool 6

I honestly don't see how tthis is an FML. I would rather my boyfriend ask in advance, so that maybe he'd be able to convince him otherwise within the year after the request. I just don't see how this is a bad thing. He is committed to OP, her father said yes, and her boyfriend wanted to make sure it was okay before hand. Plus, when he decides to propose, it won't be expected.

arcticdoctorwho 0

He plans ahead. You're lucky.

Hey man, 2012's coming up. Of course you have to plan ahead.

I have to agree. I thought this might have ended with him not wanting to propose at all, so it could be a lot worse.

Did anyone els think ops bf asked ops dad to marry op?

desireev 17

49- I didn't understand a word you said. I am now trying to decide if it was because you didn't spell anything out, or because what you said just seems absurd. (If what I read is what I think it means) ?¿?¿ Very confused...

DKjazz 20

I'm not 100% sure what he meant, but I read it as "Does anyone else think the boyfriend asked the father's permission to marry his daughter". Problem is, the FML spells it out clearly, so is that really what you asked?

DKjazz 20

Oh wait, alternatively, he could be asking "Did anyone else misread the FML so that the father is marrying his daughter". Actually, yes, that misinterpretation crossed my mind, briefly. Funny how the way something is worded can mislead.


Always best to catch the soon to be father in law on a good holiday before asking him that

robinhood007 9

You're dumb. That's a good thing... Not only does he see y'all together in a year but he also wants to marry you... Seems like he needs to find a new girl who appreciates him.

That's not cool... But I guess at least he planned ahead which could be good in the future?

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There's nothing wrong with waiting be patient girl


scalderon 0

ha your a cutie ;p

Well at least he's committing to you for another year. :D

I didn't mean it in a bad way. I'm happy for OP. :)

This one has his priorities straight.

robinhood007 9

So what exactly is so bad about your boyfriend seeing himself with you in a year AND wanting to marry you? Hmmmm unless you're pregnant or 38, there's no need to be upset about this.