By spitball101 - 12/01/2014 05:26 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend of 3 years finally proposed to me at the park we first met in. As I was about to say yes, a huge fly flew straight into my mouth. I ruined the moment by choking on it and eventually spitting it out on him. I think he's rethinking the proposal. FML
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If that makes him rethink the proposal you should rethink your yes.

You need to learn to swallow not spit


HowAreYouToday 34

true. but I dont think op's fiance is as much of a butt to just dump her for accidently getting a fly in your mouth.

I have to admit... That's pretty romantic. Minus the fly gag of course.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don't know why she swallowed that fly...

If you explained he'll understand. At least I think he will anyway.

Explained ? I'm pretty sure he was at his own proposal. He saw what happened.

Have you read that last bit? Sounds like even OP is half-expecting him to be an arse about it.

What I meant is that there's no explanation to do. She ate a fly. It's bad luck but it happens. You telling her to explain herself makes it sound like she needs to apologize or something. If he's reconsidering the proposal because of something that in no way was OP's fault, then screw him. Although I'm pretty sure that's not true. Maybe OP was being sarcastic or exaggerated his reaction because it's an FML.

If that makes him rethink the proposal you should rethink your yes.

Seriously. Marriage is far more challenging than one ruined romantic moment.

Yeah. It's not even her fault, Bad enough she has to feel a fly in her mouth. Imagine those little wings flapping in your throat. That guy should swallow a bee.

Exactly. I'm sure he'll understand that she didn't do it purposely to mock him or anything. Accidents happen; that's not enough to make you rethink something like that.

Such a shame how often people attack an OP's boyfriend/girlfriend for imaginary situations brought up by OP themselves. Nothing in the FML says anything about OP's BF rethinking his proposal. OP is the only one who brings it up, so really shame on you OP.

#63 Um, yes. Hence #4's use of the word 'if.'

I don't think it's fair to say that to OP. She is just worried, and embarrassed about the situation.

You need to learn to swallow not spit

Matt_Hazard 16

That comment is incredibly cruel.

October3461 12

It is, particularly since I just got the pun.

Maybe he didn't realize you had a gag reflex


If he's proposing he'd have checked it out first ;)

Maybe he was just in the moment of realization that you choke on a fly so easily and when he thinks about if you choke when he puts his... Ah nevermind me, that just sucks... Yes it sucks. No? Ok I shall leave...

BaldoktheMystic 3

If that was a reason to rethink a proposal, no one in Australia would get married.

How poisonous are the flies in Australia then? ;)

They're not poisonous yet they feed off people who are repulsed by them. The more you swat the more will come. The trick is to ignore them once you have mastered an Australian fly crawling on your eyeball you can acomplish anything.

#18 - I hate camping when there's a lot of flies. Like 30 of them being on your back and more flying around you.

where the **** do you camp? I can go miles onto the forest and see only a couple flies.

pay more attention. they're talking about Australia..

RedPillSucks 31

@40 where do you go camping that you don't find insects.

I have camped around desert type areas and areas with grass and on mountains (in summer/spring). In I think all of those places there were many flies in the morning. Yes, I'm in Australia.

I can see how choking noises and being spit on after popping the question would be really off putting, but if he's been with you for three years, nothing more than a simple explanation should be needed.

That fly wanted to be part of your special moment. Jealous beast.

I'm pretty sure you guys kiss, why would he be disgusted by your spit??

Sharing saliva in a passionate moment is one thing, but to be spat on is another. Can't say I would appreciate if my partner spat something on me, I'd be pretty disgusted.