By dumpedchick - United States
Today, my boyfriend of 3 years dumped me. I was really depressed so a couple of my friends came over to take me out to a club to cheer me up. My ex was there, partying with his friends. He came up to me and my friends and asked my friend if she wanted to hang out sometime. She said yes. FML
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  shananigans  |  0

Oh shut up, way to get bitchy over nothing. At least they also commented on the actual FML as well, unlike you.

OP, clearly she's not your friend, but also an ex who would hit on your friend RIGHT in front of you the day you broke up clearly wasn't good for you either. You can do better, don't worry.

  TuxedoBento  |  1

Like #48 said, it's annoying and so self absorbed when it's someone's FML. Think about it. It's more bitchy to say, "Oh shut up. Everyone does it anyways."

And i think it's clear that the OP's friends suck. Even if all it was was to hang out... if they were really the OP friend, taking the OP out because they wanted to cheer her up, well.. this wasn't a good way to do that.

  mevads17  |  0

well yea, but at the same time she just broke up with him and they went out to make her feel better. how is her friend agreeing to go out with him making her feel better? real friends arent bitches like that.

  jg600  |  0

It's not perfectly fine if your friend doesn't say it's ok. You should be a friend first, especially when you take her out to cheer her up.

  lingfeng  |  0

@ #8:
The OP was depressed that their boyfriend broke up with them, and then their friend (who was supposed to be taking the OP out to try to cheer them up) said yes when the OP's now-ex asked her to hang out, right in front of the OP. I don't know about you, but to me, that qualifies as an insensitive, inconsiderate, and shitty friend.

  emelia_fml  |  0

hoes over bros, right? I know that's cheesy but... if you want to date your friend's ex, you need to be careful. it depends on how long your friend and her ex dated, if your friend says it's ok, how long it's been since they broke up and how good a friend she is. obv. you can't help who you fall for, but you can be tactful and show respect for other people's feelings. asking out your ex's friend on the day you dump her is in reallllllyyyy poor taste, imo. and her accepting just shows that she is not a friend, she's a selfish, hormone driven bitch.