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better Chewbacca than the tusken raider sand people... lol

Nookie with a Wookiee.


better Chewbacca than the tusken raider sand people... lol

that's hillarious

omg that's funny

sexy... olliolliolliolli!!!! jkjk maybe not olli, probly ulla... I don't even give a shit, watevs... but still sexy :O jkjk

sounds like a broken garbage disposal

Lol that's awesome

Sounding like chewy would be better than Jar Jar Binx

isn't that sad, for both of you! maybe you can help him fix that

Best troll ever.

that's gross yet hilarious at th same time. thanks for ruining star wars forever!

...yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Never again will Chewie's roaring seem quite so endearing.

You said it Chewy!

if he's nice and a good boyfriend, get over it.

I disagree with your agreed comment.

So...? It's not a big deal.

better be good enough or else you'll have to find yourself a darth vader.

No i dont!!!! I cant believe u wud put that on here!!

ROFLMFAO! touche!

YDI for saying "had it off" Who even says that anymore, unless you're in primary school!?