By toughlove - 09/11/2009 01:27 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 2 years told me he had feelings for someone else. He also told me he wanted to continue dating me until things progressed further with the other woman. FML
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Reality_bites 14

Dump his arse. Now.

morningwoody 0

You should say "okay, no problem!" and go have sex with all his friends


Reality_bites 14

Dump his arse. Now.

w00t_that_sucks 0

Yea, you can go out with me. Today, my girlfriend of 2 years told me that she had feelings for another guy. She also told me that she still loved me and wanted to be able to "come back" 100% sure.

No freaking way. There's people that are that selfish? WOW. As if anyone would say, "No, its cool I love being your backup!"

GUY TRANSLATION.... I love someone else, but for now since you still like me, lets have sex, thankyou. This isnt really a FML get over yo self.

We (guys) do love options...

quarty165 0

the_pleb, guys like you and the op's (soon to be ex)bf are the reason so many women hate men. There are great guys out there, but then there are douches like you.

bosgurl90 0

wow people r stupid

Veritas143 0

That my friend is honesty and hard to come by these days.. He told her and now she has the choice to stay or not.. Sucks that he likes someone else but you got off pretty good compared to what could have happened

music_baby224 0

oh..well i guess when you use the guy translation it makes it alot less of an FML. thanks for clearing that up doucher.

pittstonjoma 1

Yeah, dump the idiot.

He's lying. He has feelings for another man.

Flutist 3

Not just feelings, he has been dating your brother.

Your twin brother. Who has herpes.

Herpe-gonorr-syphil-itis The ultimate STD

this string of comments is awesome.

Flutist 3

Almost as awesome as your mom was last night Op.

morningwoody 0

You should say "okay, no problem!" and go have sex with all his friends

howerer ,the imagination of the humanbeing is could you stand on a bf lilke the dick ... dump him asap ...that is the right thing you should do ..

Err what?

cerebellum_fml 0

'Well i think you should know im married' woulda owned him

jchansfan 0

You're actually in an excellent position to sabatoge his chances with the other woman.

At which point, you dumped him immediately and told him to GTFO and never contact you again, right? Right?!

inconvienentgurl 0

Right~!! tell him if he wants her he can have her n to never talk to you again. if the man cant appreciate having you and be completely faithful then he doesnt deserve you. and vise versa!!!

stay with him cheat on him show him the tape kick him in the nads and then tell him its not working out and say yall should see other people

AntiChrist7 0

After two years you still don't know he is a total ass? YDI