By BALEIGHLOVE17 - 20/05/2011 05:46

Today, my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me. Ten minutes after, he called me asking how to change his relationship status on facebook. FML
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well you should know it doesn't count unless it's Facebook official lol

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Well, cheer up, this shows how much he obviously relies on you, & how hard it'll be for him to be on his own.


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Ah maan that sucks! >.< FYL OP :|

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OP should say you can't change it so basically they still be together :D

Don't be so hard on the guy, people, that shit is impossible to find on Facebook. I have no idea where relationship status is at on the new layout.

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And you answered? You thought he was calling reconsidering didn't you? And you seriously would SMH well it just goes to show that it doesn't matter how long your with someone they can still by douche bags!

she may not have caller ID

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Haha and I failed trying to reply at 7 somethin in the morning

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it aint official till it's on facebook.,,better yet ur bf should post every 5 mins of his life...sitting here like a moron trying to change my relationship status"

It doesn't sucks !!! It's hilariousssss !!!! Actually it made my day !!!

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Actually, OP must be proud to get rid of such an idiot for a boyfriend.

well you should know it doesn't count unless it's Facebook official lol

^ I hate that rule haha

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that rlly a pic of u?

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I hate how crazy some people are about Facebook. They just want the world to know your life so people can sympathize for you

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facebook has one purpose imo, and that is planning events. other than that buy a phone and speak to people. or msn. y make everything public? nobody actually cares what goes on with other people lol. rant over

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btw nice tat dude

juicedboi 7

it's basically like watching a comedy show. facebook on the other hand is a popularity contest. at least for the users under 30

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*^^^ not true slick theirs alot of healthy fbookers but u r right it's for events and shit like that I'n. 22 but ur right it is a popularity contest for people under 30 loosers

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let me Add @93 ur probably one of those morons...and it is funny like a comedy show bitch

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Well that is kind of important.

Well it's good your not with him if he can't figure out something so simple. My grandma who frequently answers the tv remote as the phone even knows that.

I hope you didn't tell him!

That would be counterproductive.

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hey baby I read ur bio u think ur any close of being a star just wondering

tell him that its called google....

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I'm sooo sorry girlie :( he better find some else how to change his status... cause I know you didn't tell him

or did she? you'll never know BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

just like you need to find SOMEONE else to teach you to speak.

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Grammar Nazi alert! Hide your incomprehensible selves in the attic before they find you!

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Well her grammar is atrocious. Bad grammar is unattractive, just sayin'

Well, what else did you expect? Kids these days...

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Well, cheer up, this shows how much he obviously relies on you, & how hard it'll be for him to be on his own.

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yeah, calling about a Facebook problem shows how he can't live w.o. u. definitely.

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Your friend sound like not brightest crayon in box. You will be thankful down road.

or the sharpest tool in in the shed or the sharpest knife in the drawer or the brightest bulb in the... light bulb store? idk about that last one

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Just change yours so it looks like he still wants you and it in denial. Then you go to school or wherever and tell him off and make him look bad ;P