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  SeasonedLemur  |  5

wahahaha bahahaha you deserve it for being a crazy stalker biatch! Jesus! the reason he moved was so he could fall asleep at night without waking up to the sound of hair clippers. oh and stop posting your used tampons through his letterbox just some advice for the future guys don't like this...

  blue_eyes4602  |  0

Op, if he was your boyfriend I don't think he would have move without teling you. Did you misinterpret what you guys really were? this does suck and I'm sorry, but you ha to have done something for him to give you the finger while he drove away.


why would you make a new comment if yours has nothing to do with the fml, but all about "the first comment"??

they just want their opinion heard. gosh!

sucks op, I don't understand how people don't notice their relationship is falling apart and are surprised when someone leaves them, still not ur fault, fyl.

  Dinlordz  |  0

25 u asshole u hav no life for dissing someone like that u prob just picked a random fml to post it on to make you feel better about your man-gina u prick

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Actually, this is comment SIXTEEN, and the other was comment NINETEEN. This person said it first. The other uncreative one just put theirs closer to the top by replying to a comment that had nothing to do with theirs like a dick. Also, I sleep with bears. :)