By Anony Mous - 20/06/2010 23:37 - United States

Today, my boyfriend moved. I found out when I went over to surprise him with take-out food and he was pulling out of the driveway. He flipped me off as he drove past. FML
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that's so fucked up

catalystics 2

well at least now you have more food to yourself OP


lol i'm always first

lol damn son! should of smashed his windsheild with a rock

what a dick!!! sorry op! :/

obviously. I pray that's not a real picture of the her.

it's not, they already said it was a fake

He suprised you with Take-off instead lol fyl

wahahaha bahahaha you deserve it for being a crazy stalker biatch! Jesus! the reason he moved was so he could fall asleep at night without waking up to the sound of hair clippers. oh and stop posting your used tampons through his letterbox just some advice for the future guys don't like this...

You're better off without him OP x

ban_anaa 0

hahaha burn. just picturing it made me laugh XD sucks for you though :|

YES! Let's all post on the first comment instead of making a new one, even though what we say has nothing to do with it!

ydi for not making sure the chains are tight enough

YDI for relying on someone else to get in the kitchen.

Op, if he was your boyfriend I don't think he would have move without teling you. Did you misinterpret what you guys really were? this does suck and I'm sorry, but you ha to have done something for him to give you the finger while he drove away.

superbadd 0

43 that's what inwas wondering

atticuz 2

hey Cody, I'll be the power button to your xbox, turn me on! ;) lolz

wow you're hella fat... fatass

Maybe he found out about one of your shameful secrets. Think hard about it, I'm sure he didn't do it for no reason.

If I was given three wishes one of them would allow me to go around to Cody's place and beat his fat ass with a wiffle bat for five minutes... =D

arc794 0

I'd think that "I don't want to see you anymore" would do the trick. Oh well. Damn kids these day confuse me.

30, get over it. Go back to playing World of Warcraft and eating cheese out of a can.

hey now.... cheese In a can is a staple all gamers can appreciate! lol

He really must hate take-out...

bubbarific 0

in Soviet Russia, food take you out!

sammywhits 0

that's a girl notice the star earings nice .....

ilovecodyscott 0

why would you make a new comment if yours has nothing to do with the fml, but all about "the first comment"?? they just want their opinion heard. gosh! sucks op, I don't understand how people don't notice their relationship is falling apart and are surprised when someone leaves them, still not ur fault, fyl.

Izzy_babii 0

OP is probally one of those insane stalker girlfriends...but who knows?O_o

FYL_hardd 0

well, op, i have only one thing to say to you... FYL hardd ;)

hotscar 3

that's a girl???I thought it was a guy!!

hotscar 3

it's a girl in the picture.

WingsFan80 4

#1 SERIOUSLY needs to put a bra and some clothes on. nobody wants to see that FAIL

holy fucking shit that was funny

Laxer21 0

good. you must be an annoying bitch like mine

jaderrrx3 0

LMAO, 8 wins.


Dinlordz 0

25 u asshole u hav no life for dissing someone like that u prob just picked a random fml to post it on to make you feel better about your man-gina u prick

Wow, if people on here seriously think #1 picture is actually them, they need to lurk more.

kaciebacie 0

maybe he just thought it was somebody eles sucks for u atlese did u get some sex from him like really good sex

waffenfabrik 0

Jesus Christ, is #1 really serious? It's disgusting! Nobody can look at that with out heaving....

well that sucks depending what's the story bhind all this, you'll bth find someone else. fyl

breenarae25 0

is that a real pic of her???

There's always 2 sides to a story

omg that sucks but is funny

yeah, any FML ending in someone getting flipped off is hilarious


that's so fucked up

itz_towelie 6

well maybe if she didn't always fuck up the order, this wouldn't be a problem, OP ydi

LMAO!! U may be on to something there :)

*cough cough* attention whore *cough*

czarofandronia 0

^ouch lol wrd @ 1st comment

he sounds pleasnt.

Lindahhxd 7

Maybe she wanted a reason to break up withyou.

catalystics 2

well at least now you have more food to yourself OP

Soniye 14

Food > boyfriend ANYDAY !! :D

superbadd 0

wow. what a dick. I would say break up with him but I think he already took care of that...

lalagirl912 0

14 I like your pic for some reason :P

superbadd 0

thanks :D

iCommentFML 0

I like ur old pic better this one is good lol just a lil freaky also how do you put pictures on your thing?

superbadd 0

the actual fml website.

I think I finally found Waldo. ^^

superbadd 0

omg he duz resemble waldo

srammer8 0

it's that pedofile looking douche bag

FYL_hardd 0

73 - LOL!

He surprised you with TAKE-OFF ! LMFAO!!!! XDXDXDXDXD!!!!!

someone already said that.

Actually, this is comment SIXTEEN, and the other was comment NINETEEN. This person said it first. The other uncreative one just put theirs closer to the top by replying to a comment that had nothing to do with theirs like a dick. Also, I sleep with bears. :)