By DeadScared - 19/09/2011 00:23 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend kindly informed me that if I ever got bitten during a zombie apocalypse, he'd love me enough to beat me to death with a tire iron. He said this because he's been having vivid dreams about it happening. I honestly don't know whether he's joking or not. FML
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He really does care!

There's no joke about a zombie apocalypse.


He really does care!

It was love at first site.

Uh, you should get away from him because if his dreams get too're screwed.

Now that's a keeper :)

I honestly don't know whether if you really are a Troll or a complete moron, #36. So if he's a Keeper, you would most likely side with him so he can beat the living shit out of her if a zombie apocalypse were to happen. So, judging by your Profile, you're a Girl and you would support domestic violence toward a woman should an apocalypse happen. So instead of Helping out OP's dreadful situation and siding with her Boyfriend, you have the audacity to say "Now that's a keeper."? Try again, you insecure moron.

52- you're a moron. You rage over nothing, and did you seriously take the time to type all that out? Do you know how many people say "he's a keeper" on a FML like this?

Um 52, I was kidding. Did you forget to take your meds again sweetheart?

your a little weird and no one thinks your sarcastic your just stupid

52 - ever heard of a little thing called sarcasm?

52, your stupidity amuses me :)

WoW ur soooooooo dumb #52!! People can say watever they want it's called the freedom of speech

she's just jealous because margie is hot and she's ugly as fuuck

52, are you a guy? Idk from ur pic

Apparently I should be living in bc and not new york.

Never mind 55. Sorry. >>; Apparently I wasn't in on the joke due to the fact of me getting me thumbed down was a sign of lacking sense of humor. D: IDI

I'd beat my own children to death if they were zombies.

Me and my ex had the same conversation and we pretty much agreed to keeping each other as pets in a bulletproof glass case should the occasion arise :D

52 reminds me of those guys on youtube...


If I were him I would wait till you became a zombie and release you into the wild.

I would put a muzzle on her and keep her with me. Love would persist through the apocalypse! ...Or until she tears my throat out. Anybody got a full body kevlar suit?

If I were HER I'd say "there's no way you're double tappin' this anytime soon"

No kevlar suit but shark mesh is so much more effective.

I downloaded the zombie booth app the other day and it's slightly disturbing to be honest. It made me reconsider how awful a zombie apocalypse would be. I'd much rather face the wrath of Global Warming.

"A wild snorlax has appeared." "Holy shit that's a zombie!" lol

That's how I'd want to go out lol jk wow, just wow

Is it weird this gave me a boner?

Only slightly.

It would be wierd if it didn't.

It gave me a boner too, and I don't even have a penis... It was like an imaginary boner.

thats hilarious

Is it weird that your cliché comment gave me a boner? ._.

Margie, call it a lady-boner.

Is it weird that I came?

Yes. It is.

wow you should tell him something similar and say you weren't joking let see how he would feel hahaha

Yeah like if he turned into a dancing zombie! Right? Or! Or! A clown! #ilovesarcasm

your mean no more dislikes please thanks

you're seriously asking people not to dislike you?

and you misused the word you're!? Attack trolls!

There's no joke about a zombie apocalypse.

very true. it's coming, and I'll be ready...I guess he will be too lol

Exactly what I was thinking

Fill the bathtub with water. Destroy the stairs.

I'm ready for it.

Stuff that, put a whole lot of tredmills around the house and turn them on and watch the zombies go flying

How does one get even in a zombie apocalypse?

There's nothing to get even for.

Well. I thought it was funny.

I was GONNA say that that's actually a good plan.. But then I remembered. Tire Iron? I'd think a simple hand gun would do the trick..

Too much noise. Don't want to attract the zombies!

Just tell him you'd gladly return the favor!

But beating a zombie is more personal than shooting one....

Wait if he loves his girl friend y would he beat her too death

your boyfriends quite an oddball