By fuzzy - United Kingdom
  Today, my boyfriend is coming over. We haven't seen each other for a while so for a surprise, a few days ago, I decided to shave my pubic hair. I've come up in a huge rash that looks like some sort of infection. Not quite the sexy surprise I was hoping for. FML
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By  Nagamori  |  0

Not very well planned on your part - didn't you know that nearly always happens the first few times? Don't worry about it. Just give it some time to heal, try again when you don't have anything better to do. Make sure you use a good shaving gel or cream, and a sharp razor.

Shaving one's nethers is such a hassle, I typically only do it three times a year. Frankly I am a bit offended by the suggestion in other comments that one should shave all the time. Being hairy is natural. **Go with what works for you.** My partner likes it when I'm shaved, but he has the decency to not even ask me to do so. It can be quite itchy when the stubble grows back out, and he knows that.

  RageWolf16  |  31

Exactly. Venus Breeze is the only thing I can stand to use, and while they're crazy expensive ($25 for six heads) they come with bars of soft soap on either side if three blades, which means a painless shave.

By  tony8pie  |  0

It IS infected. Next time steralize the razor with rubbing alcohol, then after shaving apply iodine solution to the entire area and leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. You may also want to follow up with some antibiotic ointment.

  diet_otaku  |  0

oh please, it's just razorburn. it happens to everyone the first few times they shave, or if they shave with a dull blade. OP doesn't need to bust out the rubbing alcohol and iodine, just upkeep the landscaping with the same regularity as her legs and pits.