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Today, my boyfriend informed me that since he's doing a project with a girl in his class and carpooling with her in the morning, she'll be sleeping over at his house. FML
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That's a creative excuse! Still, it means you no longer have a boyfriend.

IScreamRawr 4

They will be doing more then the project.


ChubbyCake 5

^ You sound happy. I hear a threesome!

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I think that chubby chicks pretty hot

so what if she's chubby? at least she loves her body. somewhere i need to get to. Amd i think she's pretty attractive

12 I'm sorry, but please put something on...

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Stupid comment didn't post, but I didn't block you. And how does that make me rude? I didn't say, "hey you stupid fat bitch cover up dem rolls!". I'm glad she's comfortable with her body, that's a good thing, but that doesn't mean that everyone has to see it.

honeybee366 0 need to go to Victoria's secret and get yourself a new bra. I did..I was where you are...turns out I was wearing the wrong size. a new bra will make your breasts look waaay sexier!! I'm not trying to be rude...I'm trying to help. I love your attitude btw! ;)

I tried to reply to your message and it said "This user has blocked you."

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If she feel's comfortable with her body why would she have to put someting on, now i doubt you'd be saying that if she was skinny.

96, FYI it's not normal for a boyfriend to call his girlfriend and say, "I have another girl sleeping at my house". The project thing, bogus excuse. Like someone else said there's always a motive, although nothing sexual might happen during those nights, it can still be an event that triggered brewing feelings

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112 you just need to calm down! And actually 158 I've seen many people ( minus guys telling them that they ae hot) tell girls with pictures where they are exposing more of themselves than is necisary to put something on or to change their picture. Just because she's 'chubby' doesn't make it ok for her to dress as such. It doesn't make the picture any less the inappropriate. So stop making assumptions about Barbie. That being said, I am glad you like your body and I do think you look nice, but I also think you'll look nice in clothes too.

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They will be doing more then the project.

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thanks for pointing that out because nobody else got it.

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Just because you don't like the idea of some girl sleeping at your boyfriend's house doesn't mean you're a possessive bitch.

That's a creative excuse! Still, it means you no longer have a boyfriend.

supernice 0

yea to label cheating as bad is so ignant. people cheat so you should just get used to it and sense so many people cheat it is not morally wrong. (sarcasm)

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boys and girls can JUST be friends idk why you think they cant, girls stay at my house all the time and i dont do anything with them because i have a gf.. telling someone to dump a guy just because he has a girl stay over is just idiotic unless your absolutely sure they did something

She was being sexist by saying only guys would do it while there's a big handful of girls who would do the same thing. Girls expect guys to trust them with other guys alone yet girls never would trust guys with other girls alone.

perdix 29

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As a precaution in case she finds out about her being in his house. Not saying that has to be the reason, but it's a possibility.

to make her think he wasn't going to screw around with this other girl. clearly it didn't work though.

Delshy 0

that's the whole point of him telling her, so she doesn't think anything of it, crafty it is.

How do you know that he wasn't going to? He should have at least given his project partner a call and said in front of his girlfriend that he had one, maybe the partner would try to do something to him.

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or she could be ok with it and go for a threesome

Yes! I would. Payback. And/or best friends.

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176. noo, that's nasty. get payback in a different way.

she would just prove herself to be worse aka ****

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lol you should spend the night too and sit between them the whole time

Chaosshadowzero 15

i was thinking the same thing

Its not like hes sleeping with her if he hasn't cheated on you before dont assume now.

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u have a pic of spongebob high anything you say is a joke

Chances are they're not even doing a "project." smh

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What would there be to worry about???